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The Fairy Quartet - and Some DELUXE Wings!

~ A Fairy Quartet Commission! ~
(Blue Navi, Tael, Tatl, and Pink Health Fairy)

Check out Navi, Tael, Tatl!!! They're sporting the new DELUXE WINGS!

Everybody say: "oooooooo!" ;)


Want one? FOR FREE?!?!?!
Enter my mini-contest hosted on my :facebook: facebook page!
Submit Entries Here: [link]


The smallest fairy can be made into any color you'd wish. They are small and light enough to hang on a thread or a wire from your costume through the hole behind their wings. They also slowly fades from lit to off when turned on. They are slightly smaller than a quarter.

Watch a fairy in action right on Linksliltri4ce's youtube page!

You can purchase these lovelies in my online store: [link]
or you can even buy them on facebook! [link]


Check out my website for your next costume commission! [link]

or follow me on :facebook: [link] or on :twitter: [link] for fan exclusives!
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Those are very nice!
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You're welcome!
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Yup =) This is actually a picture of them lit up in a brighter room. I have other pictures of similar fairies in dark rooms.
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Thanks! "Hey Listen!" (lol) You should enter my contest that I am holding until March 17th, 2012 - the winner gets to have their own fairy for FREE! ;)

Contest Info: [link] =D
Submit entries here: [link]
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I thought about making a fairy this way for my cosplay, but I ended up deciding it was too much work! :XD: Yours are only 3 bucks?! :w00t: If you get more Navi's in, I would like a small blue and pink fairy! :D
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No problem! I actually just got more supplies, so I should be making more within the week or so. Feel free to check my online store to get yours! ;)

(You could also take your chance to win one for FREE in my mini-contest! ;) Contest info: [link] )

Linksliltri4ce's Online Store:
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I thought of a question. :aww: About how long to the fairy's last on a battery?
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Non-stop, the batteries last about 20-24 hours. I do also supply replacement batteries in my store ;)
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Sounds great! Thank you!
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