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Soldier of Twilight

A commission of the helmet of the Castle Guard / Hyrulian Soldier from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
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Jan 21, 2011, 3:31:22 PM
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Kind of looks like a medieval Stormtrooper.
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lol, yeah! It really does! ;)
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omg, now thats a creative zelda cosplay. u never see any other characters besides link and zelda and linebeck (for me at least). lol
How on earth did u make the armor? could u give me some hints cuz i was goind to cosplay as dart from legend of dragoon (ps1 rpg) and he wears armor, but i dont know how to make it out of actual metal or look metal like. :iconcuriosityplz:
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Sure! I actually used a modified version of this tutorial for the helmet:

Usually I do use white glue like they suggest, but my customer wanted the armor to be a bit more durable (he needed to be able to get a little roughed up while wearing it for a masquerade skit) So for the helmet, instead of the white glue, I used fiberglass resin and I had mixed silverleaf into it before applying it to the craft foam. The chest plate that I'm wearing is done with the white glue version, which holds up pretty much the same, but has some flexibility to it.

My suggestion: Make sure that you give yourself plenty enough time to work on your armor, because it can be a lengthy process (mostly just because of application drying times in between layers of glue washs, etc.) There is nothing worse than rushing a step simply because I found that I tended to hate the outcome in the long run and I had to start all over again.

Hope that helps!!!
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yea, i found that tutorial a long time ago, and i didnt really get how to do it with the whole drying ad layering steps.
but it worked for you pretty well, if i ever try it again, can i ask you for help? cuz u know how to do it. ^^;
thank you for getting back to me about the armor btw. :D
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Sure! No problem =)
It's really not too hard to do, it just takes a long time, like I said. I also used the traditional white glue wash on my Princess Zelda armor - and I'm happy with how those turned out!

Feel free to get a hold of me any time =)
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aw ok thank you so much! I really appreciate it! :D
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