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My lit up little Navi from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
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Feb 1, 2010, 1:09:19 AM
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COOL! How'd you make it!? ^^
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It's made of a ping pong ball, some copper wiring, a little power switch, an LED bulb (colored blue with a sharpie!), some watch batteries, some thick art wire, some sheer blue fabric, and some metallic thread. 

I constructed the wings first, shaping the thick art wire, then I covered them in the sheer blue fabric (on both front and back sides of the wings and glued them together.) I then cut away the excess material and sewed around the fabric and the wire to "outline" the wings with the metallic thread. I poked a hole in the ping pong ball just big enough for the LED and rigged my own wiring, with an on/off switch in the back. Then I attached the ball and the wings and thus Navi was born! lol =)

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Great going! you brought Navi into reality!

Now she's going to annoy everyone else!
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i wants one ^_^
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if you want one you would have to be born in the korkiri forest
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on the contrary, link was born to hylian parents, not of the kokiri :P
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well he was a special case :p
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in a sense so am i, but i'm guessing mental doesn't count lol
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thats cool i plan on going as navi the next chance i get
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How did u make tht I want one
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I sell some in my online store if you're interested ;)
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Ok. Wats up u can add me I'm a big fan of zelda
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ping pong ball.... Epic winning! I have been going through tons of ideas from clear resin'ing one to buying a glow dog ball, this fits the bill perfectly ^.^ Maybe a lil smaller than I would want her, but not enough to persuade me differently :)
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That's cool. I want a light like that XD
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oh my gosh, coolest thing ever! :jawdrop:
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Hey! Listen! this is awesome :D
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This is amazing! And homemade too, so cool. Great job!
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Awww, she's so cute! X333
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