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Golden Goddesses - Original Design

My concepts for the Golden Goddesses

I wanted to make my own version of the Golden Goddesses from the Legend of Zelda. So I did!

I wanted to have their designs influenced by their respective elements as well as the Zelda Tribes that they reside over.

Din: Goddess of Power, Color: Red, Element: Fire, Race: Goron
Nayru: Goddess of Wisdom, Color: Blue, Element: Water, Race: Zora
Farore: Goddess of Courage, Color: Green, Element: Earth, Race: Deku

I got the idea one day looking at my submissions for the Zeldanime Dress Design Contest.

Here's my entry: [link]


Check out my website for your next commission: [link]


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You're welcome. :D
Maybe in return you can visit my gallery? [link]
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They look amazing!!! but why do they all look annoyed? :D
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HA! I never thought of them as looking annoyed! I suppose my "neutral face" translates to PO'd.
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These are great! I personally like all the details and especially like the coloring. You should do large versions of them each I think! With backgrounds! Ohhh~
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
Thanks! ;)
We'll see if I get the chance to!
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I think I like Nayru best
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I would probably agree ;) I've noticed that out of everyone's depictions of the Goddesses, Nayru always seems to be the prettiest. (Even though Farore is my favorite Goddess in general!)
Actually, just because green is actually the color of Earth, doesn't mean she symbolize Earth more than Wind.
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She's kind of an in-between goddess, representing Earth and Wind. She's only really referred to the Wind Goddess in one of the games (unless you count Farore's Wind, but then Nayru's Love would then imply 'Love' Goddess, meh... I'm rambling), and she is almost always associated with the forest and forest dwellers (Deku, Kokiri, Korok.) I'm kind of following the Ocarina of Time concept, where Farore was responsible for creating green life and animals to the Earth.
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i likez their designs.
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they look overly decorated... ya fell me?
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
Meh... To each their own ;)
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