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Deadpool Front Painting WIP

Front progress on the Deadpool Hoodie. I waited up all night for the acrylic to dry just to find out that my airbrush aerosol can was empty! *facepalm....

I found my hoodie on this site: [link]
...and I love the caption that came with it, lol:
"I would wear the fuck out of this thing and forget the boundaries when it comes to proper hygiene."
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Feb 25, 2011, 3:31:05 AM
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Brilliant idea! I wanna make one too!
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I want one sooooooooooooo Bad
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lol- well, I will be taking commission orders starting in the new year, so if you'd like one, they're $55 + shipping for S-L and $60 + shipping for XL-XXL. You can order one on my website at [link]
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Haha - from me of course! lol
I'm not taking requests at the moment thanks to work/school/Youmacon, but I'll be taking commissions come January if you're still interested. Plus- since this seems to be a fan favorite - I may make them in bulk and sell them in my online store... so we'll see ;)

Follow me on facebook at [link] for updates on when I'll be taking requests!
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I will pay anything for this hoodie please note me I need this more than air itself
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Glad you like it =)
Sadly, with me recently moving and looming fall semester classes ahead, I won't be able to take any commissions for awhile =(
I will probably be available again in January, if you're still interested =)
Check out my site for updates - I may even just make a bunch of these and sell them in my online store ;)
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that was all airbrush???
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Actually most of it was hand painted acrylic fabric paint by Jacquard. Actually, let me rephrase that... most of the DETAILING was hand painted. The black portions on the sides as well as around the eyes are patches of black fleece that were embroidered on. The airbrushing was actually very minimal to the hoodie and isn't even featured in this particular photo... seeing as I ran out of aerosol that night. In the completed photos of this hoodie you can sort of see where I actually did airbrush with black and silver paint just for a few more shading and highlighting details. =)
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thanks alot,its freakin awesome.
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Oh snap. I want one soo badly...
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Well it looks great! I love the details you put it- pouches! ;P
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*gasp* I WANT ONE!!!!
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Looks awesome!
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og wow! that would suck!
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I'd like 1, but I'm sure that caust a pretty penny!
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:blush: *in Goofy's voice* "Awe! Gorsh!"

Thanks! I'm actually selling this one for $50 + shipping.
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Too rich for me! I'm broke but If I had that kinda money I'd sure buy 1!
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