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Cartoon Princess Zelda 11

Princess Zelda and the Triforce of Wisdom

The Legend of Zelda 1989 Cartoon Series / Valiant Comics

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Sep 24, 2011, 5:46:37 PM
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Fada-Libel-Lula's avatar
You are adorable! Fantastic cosplay!
TheShadowHatter's avatar
WOW she is a q t pie and this is a perfect cosplay :)
DJmadflava's avatar
hlevingstonl's avatar
I say that Jeanette McCurdy would make a great Princess Zelda, and Kenton Duty a great Link.
DarthScyther's avatar
That's Really Good!
virusq's avatar
I'm kicking around the idea of cosplaying Cartoon Zelda for Retro Gaming Night, next month. I'm glad I've got great examples to lead me! :D
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
Glad to be of assistance! ;) You should send me a pic of yours when you're finished!
VioVi's avatar
This. Is the greatest thing ever. : D
hahaha this is awesome! :D You make SUCH a great Zelda!!!!
chesney's avatar
Ridiculously cute! :aww:
SilverKazeNinja's avatar
Well, Ex-CUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuse ME, Princess!
KetchupKing56's avatar
Well exuuuuuuuse me, princess, but that costume is pretty awesome!
MeariiShiotsu's avatar
Well excuuuuse me, princess.
Katsumiyo's avatar
Oh my god, I am SO happy someone cosplayed this. Forgive me for laughing but that cartoon always cracks me up. Great pose and expression to go with a great costume.
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
lol- Thanks! No offense taken! I always tell people that I love this cartoon for how bad it really was, haha! My fiance and I thought it would be funny to take some really silly pictures as Zelda and Ganon just to emulate our favorite childhood show ;)
tari-nenharma's avatar
you are just so cute!:heart:
by far the best Zelda:D
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
AWE! :blush:
Thanks! I just love her rowdy spirit - I think all princesses need to be feisty! lol
FacelessShadows's avatar
Excuuuuuuse me, Princess!
I'm sorry... I couldn't help myself... I had to do it...
Anyways, this is a very nice cosplay! :)
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
lol - No problem and thanks! I actually loved that cartoon and Link's infamous catch phrase! haha.
FacelessShadows's avatar
I've never actually seen the cartoon, but I know what the outfits look like-and of course, that ever repeated line. Is that weird?
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