The Serum

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The Serum
By Lykanos Wulfheart
      There was a mechanical buzz as the grey, slit-windowed door unlocked. Placing his keycard back in his pocket, David grabbed the cold metal handle and turned it down. This wasn't his first trip to the Center for Experimental Science and it most certainly wouldn't be his last. Once through, the imposing yet generic barrier slammed, the loud lock-latch clicking back into place. Starting down the hallway, he waved to the guard who, briefly looking over from the monitors, nodded and waved back.
      David wasn't anything special to look at: five foot eleven, medium build, brown hair, and hazel eyes. The things that made him stand out from most of the others at the facility were his bushy beard and unusual apparel. Unlike the lab coats and business-casual attire the rest of the staff wore, David was walking in sporting a green Three-Wolf Moon t-shirt and blue jeans.
      After a short walk and a couple turns, he reached the receptionist's desk. With a smile and a "Good morning", he waited for his directions. She took her time, sifting through the data on her screen. Eventually, she looked up and, with a brief nod to the side, said, "I'll let Dr. Jonus know you're here. You're to get yourself prepped and head to examination room three." Tapping his hand down on the counter, David nodded and replied with a gentle, "Thanks."
      "Oh", she hurriedly stated before he turned away. She continued with a mix of concern and kindness. "Good luck. I'm rooting for you." Unable to contain his chuckle, David smiled back. "Thanks. Here's hoping." With an appreciative nod, he started off to the changing room.
      Once in, he found the shorts that had been provided for him. Still in their package, he set them off to the side and proceeded to strip down until naked. Grabbing a towel, he headed over to the showers and thoroughly washed himself. After several minutes of intense scrubbing, he walked out and dried away the warm beads, making sure to get as much of the water off as possible. Finally satisfied, he trotted over to the sealed bag.
      Popping it open, he pulled out the grey garment and looked it over. The fabric was pretty smooth, much like running shorts, and smelled sterile. It seemed a little overkill, but with scientific procedures he knew the fewer the variables, the better off the experiment was. Slipping them on, he glanced over to his old clothing. "Shouldn't need you after today," he mumbled to himself in an almost comedic manner.
      As he walked into examination room three, it finally started to hit him. Today was the big day. The day he had been looking forward to since he was a child. Today was the day his dreams would come true. Soon he'd be more than just a man. He'd be a werewolf! Well, as close to a werewolf as he could get.
      Since getting selected, he had spent the last several months preparing for this procedure. The scientists behind this new, revolutionary gene altering drug had run every test in the book, perfecting their serum. It had made its way through the hypothetical trials and all the tissue samples came out positive. They were as close to human testing as they could get and they were excited. The only thing they had been missing was a human guinea-pig. Surprisingly, this was their greatest challenge.
      With werewolf popularity so high due to years of media glorifying lycanthropy, candidates were plentiful. The trouble was finding one with the right physical and, more importantly, mental attributes. They needed someone who not only understood the procedures, but would also not go on a murderous rampage and slaughter the staff. This led to a lot of testing: psych evaluations, bloodwork checkups, the works!
      David was that lucky person who had just the right mix of desire, education, and health. All of that was good and all, but the biggest factor that got him selected was his personality. He was a calm, kind-hearted soul who spent his time helping others and had the patience and determination to never give up no matter what was thrown his way. His compassion and drive were what got him this job of a lifetime, though his knowledge of scientific process and procedure definitely helped.
      Examination room three looked like most other generic doctor's exam rooms, though it felt fairly empty. The door opened into the right side of the space with a metal examination table bolted to the center of the floor and a counter that lined the rest of the back wall and crept across the left. The far side was a bit more impressive with a giant mirror spanning nearly the full length of the wall. Under the mirror was a deep metal sink with a long angular faucet that came out to the middle and two thin handles for hot and cold. Mounted where the back wall met the ceiling was a small speaker.
      Walking to the far end of the table, he admired the clean shimmer of the microscopic scratches, likely left behind from when it was made.  Drawing his finger across its smooth surface, an audible squeak made evident just how sterile the environment was. Satisfied with his new seat, he plopped down and attempted to stare through the sleek, deceptive mirror. Even if he hadn't been in the adjoining room before, he would have instinctually known it was a two-way. Just its appearance alone gave rise to suspicion due to how big it was and how it was built directly into the wall.
      A quick, shrill tone came over the intercom, followed by Dr. Jonus' voice. "Glad you made it. I'll be in in a moment. Just need to cover a few more things with my assistant here." With a subtle nod, David took in the simple room, glancing around inquisitively. He didn't realize it at first, but he was bouncing his right leg, an obvious sign of his nervous, yet eager anticipation.
      After several lengthy minutes, Jonus walked in carrying a steel tray with a clipboard tucked carefully underneath. Taking it straight to the left-hand counter, he slid the tray off the paperwork slowly and carefully. As he worked, David peered around him to see what all to expect. The shallow container was lined with a white cloth that supported an alcohol wipe, a length of rubber tubing, a syringe, and a small glass vial containing an amber-yellow liquid.
      Jonus, still focused on writing, moved to face David. Unlike his younger test subject, the doctor definitely looked more middle aged with circular framed glasses and swept-back black hair. His skin contrasted his hair, still pale from spending his long days indoors. He kept his theme very monotone with a white dress shirt under his white lab coat. His black khakis where cut high enough to show off his white socks and to finish off his bland outfit was the low-cost black business shoes.
      "So, how are we feeling today? No sickness, et cetera, et cetera?" He spoke in an almost equally monotone, uninterested tone. With a brief shake of the head, David replied, "Feeling good, no sickness, and I did that no food thing."
      "Good, good. No food in the last 24 hours. Check." Glancing over the top of his frames, he held a suspiciously long "So." As soon as David gave a questioning look, Jonus slammed the clipboard on the table excitedly. "Are you ready to become a half-wolf man-beast!?" The excitement and passion in his voice completely opposed his drab attire. "Come on, you have to be excited. We're about to make history here!"
      With a brief chuckle David nodded approvingly. "Oh, you know it. Been waiting all my life for this!"
      "Well then." With a quick clap of his hands, he boomed, "We'd better get started!" Shooting David a sly glance, he suddenly turned more devious in his disposition. "Now, if we do this, you're not going to eat me, are you? That just wouldn't be nice, you know." With an equally devious grin, David shot back, "Well, I make no promises."
      After a moment of mutual deviousness, they both burst into laughter. Jonus, wiping a tear away, grabbed the paperwork and turned to the tray. "I knew I'd like you." Still chuckling, David nodded. "Thanks. And I promise not to eat any of you if I can help it."
      "Well, let's not be too hasty. If you need a snack, my assistant is still available." Turning back to show a kind smile, he set down the board and proceeded to get ready. With alcohol swab and rubber tubbing in hand, he headed back over. Setting the tubbing on David's leg, he tore open the packaging on the swab, letting the pungent scent free to roam. With a few quick wipes, he set it on the counter and grabbed the tubbing. As he tied it around his patient's right arm, he got back to business. "My assistant will be monitoring with me. Due to the, well, changes, conventional means of monitoring will not work. So, he will be helping me keep an eye out just in case something were to happen."
      With a snap, he finished with the tubing and grabbed the trash. Placing the scraps on the tray, he picked up the syringe and vial. "Now, I know we've covered this several times, but there is the possibility of death. This is an experimental procedure with no guarantees." With a turn, he leaned against the counter and grinned. "Though, I'm sure it will work. This is your last chance. Take it or leave it. Still want to do this?"
      Without hesitation, David replied, "I've waited my whole life for this. I'm not about to back out now." With an unsurprised chuckle, Jonus straitened up. "I didn't think you would." Holding the glass bottle in front of his face, he slowly stuck the needle in. With a delicate grace, he filled the syringe with the syrupy serum and set the container back in the pan. With a couple flicks to the side of the casing, he moved to the sink. To remove any bubbles, he barely pressed the plunger, squirting out any air and an insignificant amount of the precious liquid.
      Finally ready, he stood in front of the eager test subject. "The room has been kept as empty as possible to minimize injury during the transformation. Also, as you know, we will be recording this from three cameras behind the glass. There is also a mic in the speaker up there, so if there is any trouble, you let us know. Right?" The last question was more of a statement, as if to say "You will let us know". David got the message. "Yea, I'll let you know at the slightest sign of trouble."
      "Excellent. Excellent." Holding David by the wrist, he gave a quick glance to lock eyes. "Have fun and you'll have to tell me all about it."
      "Oh, definitely." With one last shared smile, Jonus skillfully slid the needle into its mark. The vein throbbed in defiance, but it was too late. In David's mind, the next stage lasted almost an eternity. Jonus slowly slid the plunger down, forcing the concoction into its excited host. As soon as the thick liquid was out of the syringe, he hurriedly pulled out the needle and removed the rubber tube. Carefully but rapidly, he moved everything back on the tray, slid it onto the clipboard, and was out the door.
      There was a heavy sliding noise as the bolts were moved into place, firmly securing the door, then silence. Twitching his fingers, David could start to feel the serum taking effect. A strange warmth was moving up his arm, working its way toward his heart. After a few moments, the awkward sensation had invaded every extremity. It wasn't unpleasant, but it was something. Looking into the mirror, he said in a clear voice, "I can feel it working. The warm sensation has covered my whole body."
      With a click, the com activated, "That's a good sign. You should start showing signs of the change shortly. Keep us informed." Jonus had a slight hint of unease in his voice, but that was to be expected. It isn't every day you get to play roulette with someone else's life.
      For the next few minutes, David sat there, waiting. Eventually, he started to think he noticed something, but it was too subtle to really tell. The buzzing of the overhead light was sounding a little louder and it seemed a little brighter. There was also this weird smell developing in the room. He wondered if it was the sink backing up, but it didn't smell like sewage. It smelled a bit like... old man.
      "I think it's working!" He exclaimed. "My senses seem to be sharpening. I'm hearing better and I'm starting to smell your deodorant."
      The click was a lot shriller this time, causing him to wince. The voice apologized, "Oh, sorry about that. Definitely seems to be working. By the way, I didn't use deodorant today. Didn't want to overwhelm your senses. You're progressing nicely if you can smell me in there already."
      A few moments later, David noticed a short fuzz creeping over his body and the first really visible change. Claws started sliding out from under the nails on his hands and feet. It didn't really hurt, more of a dull pressure. As the old remnants of nail dropped to the floor, he could hear talking, just barely. He thought it might be Jonus saying "... progressing well. I think..." and some younger voice replying with "Are you sure this was a good idea? I don't..."
      The emotions of the change were starting to show through, a euphorically pleasing feeling beginning to overcome him. Between the warming sensation on his skin and the tightening in his digits, he reluctantly noticed that something was moving in his pants. He knew it was too early for a tail to start forming and this... this was in the front. He could feel his muscles stiffening, brought on by the excitement of transforming. He wanted this. He had always wanted to transform and now he was. It was gratifying, satisfying! Shaking his head, he tried to clear those thoughts from his mind. Reaching deep down into his willpower, he told himself, "No. This is not the time or the place for that. I have to stay focused. I can't lose myself to those feelings. I just can't!" With a few deep breaths, he managed to clear his mind and steel his resolve.
      In response, he was met with the loud squeal of the com, "Are you alright? You seemed a bit tense for a moment. Any pain?" Protectively covering his ears, David could feel that they were reshaping. Careful not to nick himself with the new claws, he gave a slight glare at the glass. "So far, so good. The only pain is from that com clicking on. Oh, and I can hear you guys through the mirror. Might have to keep it down. Professional courtesy and all." He could hear the doctor bust out laughing and couldn't help but smile himself. That led to the next discovery.
      As his mouth moved, so did one of his teeth. Way more than it should have. Like most people, he was terrified of losing permanent teeth. Probing with his tongue only confirmed his suspicions as more teeth were found to be loose, and the original one popped out. Reaching into his mouth, very carefully, he grabbed the dislodged object and stared at it between the fingers of his right hand. "Oh shit. Shit. Shit!"
      Rushing to the sink, he reached out with his free arm to help support his weight as he leaned over and spit out two more teeth. Then three more followed. In a matter of moments, all but the tooth still in his hand were settled in the bottom of the metal basin. With a defeated flick, he tossed the last of the precious pearls in and opened his mouth to the mirror. To his delight, the new fangs were already starting to bud, but without enough room, he could feel his face start to push out, muzzle forming fast enough to accommodate. With a sickening crunch, his face was almost finished reshaping into something far more canine than human.
      Breathing heavily, he looked up to the shiny surface. In a labored, throaty tone, he managed to say, "You guys heard that, right? Wait! Don't answer. Er, speak through the glass." Along with the confirming "Yes we did", he also noticed some distinct odors. There was the scent of blood, his blood, as well as that of the chemical itself. The residue that had been shot from the syringe was quite pungent, smelling of several things at once. He thought to himself that if he ever got used to this, he may even be able to pick them out. Two more musks wafted in, just barely. Taking a few sniffs to get a better idea, he realized that he could smell the two in the other room. The odors were making their way through the tiny imperfections in the seal. Chuckling stiffly, he stated, "I can smell you guys in there. There must be a small gap in the frame."
      He could easily hear Jonus' reply through the thin barricade. "That is both terrifying and amazing. If you can, try making your way back to the bench." With a nod, David turned and started for the examination table. With one step left, he dropped down to his left knee, just barely catching himself on the metal slab. The issue was that his left foot had started elongating as he stepped down and the pain of the bones stretching combined with the pressure he put on it nearly caused him to black out. He managed to stay conscious but couldn't hold back the surprised shout of agony.
      Twisting his body around, he gingerly sat, leaning against one of the table's legs. Trying to not show his pain, he took a few settling breaths. "Oh ho-ho, that sucked." Then came the searing screech of the intercom. "That even looked painful! Nothing's broken, right?"
      Clasping his ears, now fully wolf-like and covering in fur, David let out a displeased growl. "Just shout through the glass! That piercing wail is killing me!" He could hear two taps on the back of the mirror, followed by Jonus' voice. "Fine, we can do that. Are you ok?"
      Checking out his legs, he noticed a lot of what he'd missed. Not only had his feet reshaped, but he was growing thick pads on them as well as his palms and fingertips. He also realized that his chest, arms, and legs were getting pretty thick with fur. "Yea, I'm still good, in a matter of speaking."
      "And I'm pretty surprised you are, in fact, still speaking. Pretty sure your head is done." David could hear Jonus as if he were in the room, though he could tell by the inflection in the voice that Jonus was yelling. Reaching up to his face, he could feel the short fur on the side of his muzzle. "If it's done then... woah!" He suddenly realized that that wasn't the fleshy tanned pink flesh he was used to, but instead a carpet of soft, tannish brown fur, much like that of a timber wolf. He followed by checking his ears and nose, the latter of which was far damper and cooler than he remembered. "I'd better get back up so I can check this out!"
      He could see that the lower halves of his legs were done shifting and the pads had finished filling in on both his hands and feet, so he figured that this would be the best time to try for another sit. Placing something on the table that look a lot like a wolf paw with human style digits, he grasped firmly, and, with labored grunting, pulled himself onto the unnoticeably cold steel. Pivoting onto his seat, he got the first look at his new face. Between the wolf head on his still mostly human body, and all the fur thickly cascading over the rest of him, he could tell his coloration was going to be that of a regular timber wolf, brown on his nose and ears, grey and white almost everywhere else. This pleased him greatly and, in his sudden happiness, a smile broke forth. He could tell by the weird groan on the other side of the mirror that it came out looking funny, more like a pulled back half-snarl than a true toothy grin.
      Admiring his reflection, he inventoried what was left. He just needed a little more mass in his mid-sections, a bit more fur on his limbs and sides, and a swishy tail to show off his overwhelming joy. Doubling forward with a sudden moan, he knew what was coming first. His ribs ached as they pushed out, making more room in his chest. The sudden bursts of pain made him grab the edge of the table on either side of his thickening thighs. Giving the metal a sharp squeeze, he rapidly realized that his muscle mass had come in as he noticed the warping bend of his powerful handpaws. Hearing an impressed whistle and not sure who produced it, he blushed, or the closest thing he could do to blushing.
      Little did he know that he was about to have more to be embarrassed about. The growing mass around his torso and legs did a number on his poor shorts. The smooth, grey fabric was stretchy, but the provider didn't take into account that he was going to be bulking up. The previously snug shorts tore apart, revealing his sheath, but fortunately nothing more. He didn't even realize how lucky he was as he missed the sudden exposure, mainly due to something far more important, at least to him.
      He had felt the tension in his back and just knew his tail was coming in. He tried desperately to twist his body so that he might see the new appendage stretching forth. In his quest to chase his tail, he stood up while pivoting, letting his butt-fluff sweep the sad rags onto the floor. Still not noticing his sudden nudity, he looked in the mirror, eagerly watching and wincing as the dull pain of his elongating spine produced a wiggly little nub that quickly turned into a fleshy rope, joyously swinging from side to side. In a matter of moments, the fur filled in, completely covering his frame in a glossy, smooth coat.
      He was thrilled. He was ecstatic. He was the happiest he had ever been! His excited tail was nonstop, swaying passionately in a desperate attempt to show his unbridled enthusiasm. Checking every angle of himself in the mirror, he was in love. The only part he couldn't really see was his feet. Plopping his fuzzy rump on the tabletop, he lifted his legs off to the sides, checking out his paw pads in all their magnificent glory. That wasn't the only thing he saw in the beautiful reflection. His joy was suddenly mixed with embarrassment as he realized that he was completely naked and thrusting his crotch at the window... the window hiding two onlookers and three cameras.
      Putting his feet back on the floor, he moved his left hand to shield his sudden shame while the right rubbed the fur on the back of his neck. He may have been feeling very shy at that moment, but he was still exceptionally pleased with everything that had happened. His happy panting and downward gaze were testaments to that. He got in one last hearty laugh when he heard Jonus exclaim emphatically, "Haha, we did it AND he didn't lose his mind or go on a killing spree! I was right, so pay up. Oh... but first get him some pants... or a towel. Yea, start with a big towel."
Wouldn't it be awesome if your life goal came to fruition? What if there was an injection that transformed you into a werewolf? That would be like a dream come true! Well, for David, that is just about to happen.

This piece touches on a personal desire of mine: lycanthropy. Like the main character, I have always wanted to be a werewolf. This story delves into what we all wish was possible, a serum that left you more wolf than man! Enjoy! ^_^
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Werewolves are cool
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Will there be a second part to this?
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This story was written really well! Gave me a good laugh at a couple parts. Awesome job! :D
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Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the kind review! :)
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Very well done. I like it a lot and it gets me in the werewolf mood for sure.

Hey, be sure to send it to werewolves at heart!
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Thanks!  ^_^  I appreciate that. I will try to send it... as soon as I figure out how to.
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