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Another Spooky Submission! 

I was doodling at a friends house and I found this kinda fun to make. I never really do 'sexy' things so I thought if I was going to do one, make it applicable. Thus my version of a Succubus. I wanted her a little meaty, rounder. I think curves are extremely attractive but to each  their own. I loved the idea of her sitting in her throne ruling her little piece of hell. So I added some candles and some ironic 'Angel' wings on the throne. Who knows? Maybe she was an angel at one point. All demons were once angels that turned away from God so they say.

I'll colour later maybe. I'm just content with the line art and design. Enjoy and goodnight. 
Loss (Digimon: Unity)
Hey guys! 

Here I am with another work. In my fanfic Digimon Tamers: Unity I write about this poor Salamon who loses her partner Sakura Hanamura. Obviously, you read in the story what happens and I have her ultimate form Silphymon! I changed her attire and picture since in the canon series, it was a more male character. I decided to focus more on shading and working on some textures for the photo. I hope you all enjoy! 

I do not own Digimon. I own Sakura Hanamura. Click the link here to read my story! --> Digimon Tamers: Unity
Pink Pearl
I love Steven Universe. Maybe not the fanbase...but I just adore the pastel colours and some odd character designs they went with. (I'm referring to Peridot's inconsistant height).

So, we all now know that our Pearl was given to Pink Diamond as a gift and I think it's safe to assume that it was from White Diamond. Now that White Diamond has a Pearl of her own, I'm hesitant to say it's actually hers. Hence this drawing. I think our White Pearl is originally Pink Diamonds original pearl. I think she was originally very...troublesome and a very bad influence on Pink. I also think her outfit was a bit more scandalous and her 'buns' were actaully pigtails. I hence made this! Our "White Pearl" drawn as Pink Pearl. Made as I am gruelling over online learning that I need to complete by the weekend. Blah.
Welcome to Australia: Digimon Tamers Unity

I'm not super happy about this. I had a few things I wanted to work on (such as learning side profiles), height differences and making different clothes. I'll go through each character starting from the left.

Mako is a hacker and I wanted a 'Tech Fashion' outfit for him. It looks like heavy for Australia wear but it's super light and airy especially if he goes on the prowl (which may or may not happen I'm not going to say). He cut his hair again and this time theres some blade work by his ears. I think I may add designs on the back of his head but I'm not sure yet.

Jun has my favourite shirt on. Suns out and Guns out rocks-I'd wear it when I'm hitting my weights. Haters back off! Of course I added some trunks that he could swim in and I wanted to keep some green. He's also got a patch on his chin! My baby boy is growing up! Also, he has muscles but in the original profile, you could see that. Ellin's got some taste in her men :P

Ellin herself is sporting her usual outfit in Australia. I can't spoil a lot but there's reasons but her outfit. Earthy warm tones for her to complement that beautiful skin of hers. Also her boots were one of the things she missed the most from her home.

Suzie-my lord was it hard finding an outfit for her. She has her buns now, she's still got no hand (maybe something happened where she couldn't put on her prosthetic). Her kanji on her shirt means 'dance'. Also baby blue go go boots are super cute I don't care who says they're not! Never said Suzie was the practical one in the group but if anyone can pull off the outfits, she can.  

Oh my sweet child Masahiko. I won't answer WHY he's wearing all the tourist things but there is a reason. He's got his hawaii shirt on, the pink fanny pack, even the classic Aussie tourist hat. Also, he's the bag boy for the group. I think he kinda got suckered into it. At least he's wearing the most sensible shoes out of the group. Also, HE GREW! Yes, since the first season and now, he's almost grown taller than the twins and Ellin! 

Ai my complicated design that you are. I didn't do a lot to her-she's not getting a hair cut or dying it or anything. She does have her D-Arc colours and some splashes of orange on . I love her lavender backpack and wish I had it. She's got some issues to deal with as the story says and it won't improve in Australia!

Please tune into my account for Digimon Tamers: Unity! I'm Linkmaste and please read my story I promise you won't regret it!

I don't own Digimon-that's Toei I think. I own Jun, Masahiko, and Ellin! Please ask before using them!


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I'm writing another part to my fanfiction so I'm just kinda checking through my characters to make sure they don't fall ill to Mary Sues. You had done a very well job.

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