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Cotton Candy Tail Wallpaper

I just can't get enough of Pinkie Pie, so I just had to make a wallpaper for my vector of her [link]

Edit: The download link now contains 2 version of the wallpaper, a clean version of the background and the source file for everything.
The 2nd version of the wallpaper is with an added thought bubble.
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This picture made me say "Aww, ¡qué ternura!" in my native language.
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Just too adorable. ^3^
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Shepherd's Pie!!!
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*.* This pic is SAC (Super Awesome and Cute)
I Just Came Cute
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lol aww cute and funny
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There is an individual who is attempting to sell a t-shirt design with part of your vector on it. When I pointed out that your vector is permitted for use but NONCOMMERCIAL use, he hid my comment and refused to acknowledge the point I was making. I'm not sure if you might want to discuss this with him or not. He HAS credited you in the description but like I said, he's selling the design he made with your vectors commercially.

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Thats just the cutest thing ive ever seen!!!!
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Too cute, heart- can't take- it!
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I have this on my mobile:heart:
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that pic is so adorable!
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HNNNNNNNNNNNG :iconimdeadplz:

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I'm a 17 yrold guy and my manliness says pinkie is the cutest filly ever
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awwww God...*_*
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Kinda remids me of Pricess Bubblegum

What if Pinkie really was made out of Cotton Candy?
Princess Cotton Candy Tails
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Have yet to see the show, but I've heard plenty of positive things about it.
And if pinkies tail was made out of cotton candy, I don't think she'd have a tail for long.
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Yea :D even if it would grow back, Pinkie would allways would walk without a tail.

Ist one of the best an weirdest of modern cartoons. Worth watching :D
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