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Mario Kart Wii pt. 2 Wallpaper

Mario Kart Wii Wallpaper part 2 1920 x 1280
Felt like including sonic in the wallpaper for some reason :D
Hope you don't mind!
Feel free for any criticsm/comment
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RavenVillanuevaT2P's avatar
Oh God... Why Sonic?
GhostReach's avatar
What in the world? AMAZING. SONIC? HERE? LOL
Why does Sonic...have green eyes?
PigmaskMajor120's avatar
because thats how he was made... at least modern age sonic has green eyes
chibiviolette's avatar
TEAM ROSALINA!wherever she is.....
RiveCross's avatar
Excellent job pretty good
grrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh's avatar
This is AWESOME!

Mario: Oh ho ho. Silly Sonic, this is a Mario Kart. Go on, put your board away.
(My bro) cool!! (not me...)
silvaze86's avatar
nice worck frend!but sonic 's notin mario kart..
RUinc's avatar
not bad. Sonic on the Blue Star is a bit odd for Wii Kart. too bad there aren't any pics of him riding the Hang On. the Zero Gravity version of that bike was awesome.
lol Thanks! :D
I also felt it was random adding him >_> but for some reason I did lol
RUinc's avatar
maybe in the future Sonic will appear in Mariokart...
lol maybe ! that would be nice.
RUinc's avatar
Tails and Cream would be nice
grrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh's avatar
Yeah! Maybe an 'opptional' Double Dash would be GREAT!
grrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh's avatar
Okay fine... but at least it's 'opptional'
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