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Greetings, my robotic subjects.
         For all six of you whom are here, I wish to tell you that I have many new projects planned for the next year! They mainly are to go with my Dr. Eggman cosplay, but there are others. One of these non-Eggman projects is a light up, sound emitting replica of Samus Aran's arm canon from the Metroid Prime Trilogy. For some of you who may not know, I am a huge fan of the Metroid series and want something to own from the series. I wanted something different than a t-shirt, so the object that popped into my mind was her arm canon. I eventually want to make a replica of her entire Varia Suit, but that can wait for another time...
         Another non-Eggman project I have planned is a Sakuya Izayoi cosplay costume for my friend. My friend is a huge fan of the Touhou Bullet-hell series and his favorite character is Sakuya. Hell, he takes it a little too far sometimes; so much so that I have a liability to label him as obsessed with the series. Enough of that however, my point is that he want to "Crossplay" as Sakuya for next year's MegaCon. Who am I to reject the idea? So I am helping him with his costume. What we plan to do for this project is make him a 1:1 look alike with Sakuya, so yes I do have to hake for him fake breasts. This will be interesting. The funny part is that Sakuya is dressed as a maid, so hilarity will ensue and many "you missed a spot" jokes will be made!!
         Next, for my Eggman related cosplay projects. The big one is that I am going to be remaking the main part of the costume; the shirt. This time however, I am going to be smart and NOT buy a pre-made shirt. That's right, I am making it ALL by my own hands. What I did before was I bought an already made, long sleeve red shirt and as a result, it turned out to be a bitch-and-a-half to make presentable. Another thing I am doing is that I am going to put a zipper on the front of the shirt so that it is like a jacket. This will make it a lot easier to put on and with what I have planned, I will be able to put pockets on the inside of it for convenient storage of my business cards!
         Finally I have for you my final project. Does anyone remember the first boss in Sonic the Hedgehog's history? It was in Green Hill Zone and was brought back in Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Advance, and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1.… Dr. Robotnik is in his Egg-o-matic machine as it floats above the ground. As Sonic approaches, Dr. Robotnik grins maniacally as he opens the lower half of the egg-o-matic thus releasing his classic plan. A giant wrecking ball on a sturdy chain. That is my prop project for Eggman. A small, light weight replica of the wrecking ball which I can carry around. You see, what happened was that when I went to MegaCon with my friends, I realized that I was the only one without a prop for my costume. needless to say, I have remedied that and the wrecking ball is going to be the result. Anticipate that in the future.
         I am not good at closures, so this is Jacob "Eggman" Rousseau signing out and I wish out all the best. Have a good night and take care.
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Submitted on
April 4, 2013