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Greeting everyone of the Internet,

         I, Jacob "Eggman" Rousseau, went to Megacon 2013 yesterday (03/16/2013) and I am blown away. The shops were great and the talent was exceedingly plentiful. I met so many fellow DeviantARTists and so many cosplayers that my mind was in a haze. I bought till I was broke and I must have been stopped for photos and autographs (As Dr. Eggman of course) around FIFTY times! I was even video interviewed as Eggman by "Anorak Ai." The best part however was being the ONLY Eggman cosplay at the event; It truly made me a giddy nerd. I found so many great, nay, FANTASTIC cosplayers whom were very willing to take pictures with me and I have so much to share with you all. Even nostalgia came rushing back yesterday for I met a Danny Phantom cosplay and a Eustace Bagge (Courage the Cowardly Dog Character) Cosplay!!! I was unfortunately unable to enter the cosplay contest but hey, there is always next year! Right...? Anyway, according to my wallet, it's hungry. I bought only three things at the event, but they were great things to be bought...

I bought:
~ A "Pumpkinhead Keyblade"
~ A Holographic 3D "Portal 2" Poster
And my favorite thing I bought
~ A beautiful print of "Ib and Garry" by illustrator/freelance artist "Ty Richards"

I truly had a wonderful time at MegaCon with my friends and I deeply wish to go to MegaCon 2014!!!
I will post the best pictures I took to my DeviantART account for all your viewing enjoyment.
"Get a load of THIS!"
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Submitted on
March 17, 2013