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Greetings everyone. I have an update for all of you! I have started a new project that I think is pretty ambitious. I am photoshopping a certain favorite deviantation of mine and putting the foreground on a nice background made to look like everyone's favorite zone! Why is this so ambitious? Well, I have very little experience in photoshop. So this could end up looking like a masterpiece or a piece of crap! It depends on how well I can utilize what very little I know about the program. Expect to see that in a couple weeks.
  I also am working on a little logo for my near ready to launch commentary channel: Robotic Commentaries. I'm making it an Adobe Illustrator which I have experience in using. Expect to see that soon.
  Next, I have the chain ready for the "Green Hill Wrecking Ball Prop" for my Dr. Eggman Cosplay Costume. It's made out of a lightweight wood that weighs no more than one pound. Relax people, I'm not making a REAL wrecking ball. :trollface:
  And lastly, I have a Cosplay Prop finished and ready for unveiling! It shall be unveiled THIS WEEK! I won't spoil what it is but, what I will say is that it will make a lot of "Legend of Zelda" fans happy!
  Well that is all. Farewell, my robotic subjects and take care!
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Submitted on
May 6, 2013