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Shantae's Custom Weapons


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6: Watches-you


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Comm:  Gym

OC fan arts, Gifts and Cameos :D

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DFA2 pg41 Full Team

Comic strips

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Nicke gotta juice


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The Slayer's Oath


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Drawing Hands


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Hi I'm Risky!


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Space Date Ushina

Gorgeus girls

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Punrezel Draw this again

Friends artworks

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WPOCT: Krinkle and the Arena of Regret - 19

Comic Pages

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Sexy girls

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Story of my failure!

I want to start this journal thanking the 30 wonderful people that were willing to give some money to my Kickstarter campaign so I could get my first book funded... Here's the list: Thank you! Although however, according to the stats only 5 supporters came from this site... Then again, thanks to those 5 wonderful Deviants (and maybe more if this is unaccurate) If you haven't guessed by now the campaign failed big time! But this time I'm not blaming you for my failure, Nah ah!! That's all on me... I failed because: My art is not good enoughMy book is not attractive enoughI couldn't make my campaign shineI trusted the wrong sites to bui


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Shantae's Custom Weapons


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Commissions - Ask Me


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New Roll


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the world is a vampire


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Star Lars

Steven Universe

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Jill Valentine III

Resident Evil

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Mother and daughter: Uzumaki


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Nsio Analyses: Dynamic lines in my drawings

Perspective tutorials

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reflecting on my actions


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Grrrrrrrrrr..... [Pose Reference for Drawing]

Anatomy refs

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Original Characters

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Clefairy says


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Pokey The Turtle's Super Awesome Epic Tale!

In a world full of dragons, demons and fires There is a place run by killers, slavers and liars. A town where one’s life is always on thread Where one slight misstep will make you drop dead. No police nor guard will save your hide here If you want to survive, be armed to the ear. But of course, in a famine, not all can get knifes All one can do then is to gamble with lives. Only nobles and bandits were free from starvation. The rest had to choose between crime and damnation. The name of this city is Doomterror Bay Where evil rejoice and good men dismay. Outside of the castle, there is nothing but slums Here the kids are so poor, they u

Literature and fun read

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Nsio Silhouette Practice 1

Gesture references

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Patty Wagons


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Ice the Barbarian She-Wolf


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heartcore:. ame reference material

Heartcore Info

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The closest I'll be to being a Disney Princess.


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Nostalgia Critic


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Stopping to smell the flowers


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Daily Rockman - Powered Up Roll


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Heartcore for the Future!

Character references

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Awesome Artists to check out!!!

Whoa! Haven't done this in a while, but I should more's some fellow deviants with some awesome works that you need to check out! *hooksnfangs ( Really awesome pin up artist with a fantastic style! :iconvagabondarts: Recently visited this artist's page and I was quite impressed with the painterly style and vibrant colors! :iconrandommode: A very unique anime-like style with cool characters and an awesome indie comic known as "The Pirate Madeline"! :iconcapncourage: Talented artist with some really unique characters and art style! :iconpeppertode: Check out this awesome artist and his original character "Gertie"! Great

Journal mentions

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Mrs. Nuki

Anthro 2

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Monster girls

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Star Card Captor


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