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Yoko - Daydreaming

By LinkerLuis

You don't know how many times I wished to be able to do that in school. And of course you would after being up until 3 AM or more doing your homework and have to go back school again at 6AM...Happy memories... College is worst anyways.

Here we have Yoko again,my relatively new character. This time dealing a boring class and some lack of sleep. Expect to see more quirky stuff with her in the future. And I hope you like the logo I make for her comics as well:D

The last panel kinda reminds me of something that I made ages ago as my ID, I was so lazy... LOL:

I decide to make the title both in English and Spanish because it's the only text that needs to be translated. Since there's no dialogs in this one it can be easily interpretated by everyone.

If you didn't quite get the reason of the title It's a word play between day dreams and the dreams you have while you sleep.

Yoko belongs to *Linker96
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Well, I kinda made it possible, trough this drawing :giggle: I still wish it tough 
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Haha I love this!
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What if you wake up while still in the thought bubble?
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You'll get to live in the dream world 4ever. pretty nice if you ask me.
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xd haha esa monilla que? XD
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i actually did that once..
but.. then i did it again while i was still in the dream bubble.. so i just kept going into a bubble within a bubble thus creating an infinite loop until i got lost and it all collapsed on itself and then exploded which hurt my brain

i swore to never do it again since....
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The the teacher comes by, pops the bubble and she falls on her face. XD
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she would be like... Again Yoko? :no: *pop*
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Have you ever fallen asleep in class?
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Once. Pretty embarrasing if when your teacher caughts you in the middle of it.
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Eh, I've done it several times. Alot this year in Culinary when we have a sub, and a few times in Psychology. XD
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When the teacher caught by then, everybody noticed that I was sleeping so, everybody made fun of me :omg:
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I look around and check to see if a few are asleep, then I pass out. XD
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He he he! Ojala se pudiera hacer en la vida real :XD:
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Tambien aplica en el trabajo vea? :O
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