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Winter is here!

By LinkerLuis

I made this cute artwork based on a sketch I showed to my patrons some time ago. However, it ended up being more like an alternate version of that sketch. I changed many elements on it. From the situation to the design of Tabby's outfit, I think it's a perfect fit for the season indeed!

I hope you like it as much as Tabby enjoys making crazy snow figures :)
And tell me: What is (or was) your favorite activity to do on snowy days? Brrrr..These Cold..Onion 

If you don't know Tabby, you can learn a bit more about her in this link:

Tabby Chibi Card by LinkerLuis

Original rough sketch:
(2015) Chibi Tabby sketch by LinkerLuis

Oh yeah! You can support me on Patreon to keep making cute and cool artworks forever! :nod: 
If you're interested in becoming my patron, be sure to send me a message so we can talk about 
your concerns or suggestions :)

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FreedomKnight's avatar
Build crazy snow figures! Flirt with frostbite!
LinkerLuis's avatar
Oh no, don't worry. She could never be concerned about that :giggle:
Icyshadowlord's avatar
Snow figures doing Jojo poses? XD
LinkerLuis's avatar
A stand user!angry stare-- 
Feurdelis's avatar
Snow figuressssss! La la la la 

Just walking around and seeing the snow is good enough for me, we don't get them too often down here. XD
LinkerLuis's avatar
Have you done any unusual figure before? :O
Feurdelis's avatar
Nope, not any. 
Randommode's avatar
It gets very snowy there? XD It does not snow here 

The art is beautiful 
LinkerLuis's avatar
It's relative :giggle: You know I live in a tropical enviroment, but Christmas and december screams more snow to me. I'd say were Tabby lives there's is a cold snowy winter right now :nod:
Sorantheman's avatar
Always good to see cute ladies in Winter gear.
Well done.
LinkerLuis's avatar
I'll see if I can involve Amanda later :giggle: I hope 
MattCarberry's avatar
Very cute, she looks like she's right into the seasonal attitude - lol

For me, the favorite activity would be snowboarding, though lately I haven't had much chance to do it :s
LinkerLuis's avatar
Ohh! snowboarding!
Have you done any cool tricks or have you slide down of a big mountain before? :giggle:

For some reason I always picture Snowboard as an extreme sport, but I might be wrong, You tell me :O
MattCarberry's avatar
Naw unfortunately I'm still very new to it, but I hope to get better!

It is extreme, but I find that's no different compared to skiing, both can be extreme with tricks
and speed and going off jumps, some people just prefer to go down a hill simply, which is fine, it's
all a matter of prefrence - haha
LinkerLuis's avatar
I'm an expert at it!...No, not really. If we had snow I probably would at least know how to do it :rofl: 
Grass is not the best choice for it. you can't really snowboard without snow XD

Desert sands are also good for it those type of board, correct? I've seen some cool videos of that :nod:
MattCarberry's avatar
Haha no worries man, it's fun to learn! As for sand, not sure, but heck I'd love to try that! :D
LinkerLuis's avatar
Apparently is called Sandboarding  Kinda obvious if you think about it :giggle:
MattCarberry's avatar
Wow! Nice to know if I moved to the desert somewhere I don't have to throw my board away - lol
Dragonkingmark's avatar
oh Tabby you adorable little girl at winter time
LinkerLuis's avatar
She's just finds new ways every year to be more cute than before :icontabatha-izanna:
Angelman26's avatar
I'd like to get into a snowball fight with someone someday.
LinkerLuis's avatar
You've never done it before? :O  I would love that too, it seems like fun
Apatosaurs's avatar
Snowy days? What are those. Never heard.


(If there happened to be a snow day, though, I would probably spend my time taking pictures, haha)
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