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Thanks for the Watch!(Alt.)

By LinkerLuis

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First of all, thank you for being watching my gallery, it’s nice to have you around :)

I really appreciate the time you take to see my artworks as well as reading some of the comics I make, and I wanted to translate that into a more tangible thing.

Usually, when I get to your profile after receiving your watch notification, I tend to find an endless line of comments saying the exact same thing, “Thanks for the watch” :giggle:

I always try to mix it up a little bit to not fall short into thanking properly or to show that I really mean it. So, I wanted to find a funny new way of doing it that fits better into my way of being. I hope you like it.

Of course, I’m not only saying this for the newcomers, but also for you that have been around for a long time here:

“Watch for the Tanks!!!” :tank: 

I made an alternate version of this one, just because I thought you might fell more comfortable to be represented in another way. Feel free to pick the version you feel more fitting :D

Thanks for the Watch! by LinkerLuis
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shibakon's avatar
Thanks for showing me this, i gotta watch out for the tanks lol
LinkerLuis's avatar
:tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: 

It's too late, they're already on your doorstep XD
Randommode's avatar
LinkerLuis's avatar
Tanks are coming!!!... tanks a lot! XD
Randommode's avatar
Psyco I see what you did 
Niban-Destikim's avatar
He he he he! Eso fue ingenioso :rofl:
LinkerLuis's avatar
Y es cierto va? no se si te ha pasado de ver una avalancha de comentarios que dicen "thanks for the watch" no se, me gusta salirme del guacal XD
Niban-Destikim's avatar
Ahora hacete una del famoso "thanks for the fav" :XD:
LinkerLuis's avatar
una vez hice una al respecto pero quiza no es muy recordada XD o quiza sería de trabajarla diferente
Niban-Destikim's avatar
En serio? señá, donde la tenés?
LinkerLuis's avatar
Nexus: favs

Solo que talvez necesita un retoque o actualizacion XD
Niban-Destikim's avatar
Ahhh! Es cierto! Ya me acordé :XD:
Realmente se me había olvidado este comic :rofl:
LinkerLuis's avatar
Talvez requiere una maquilladita, como cambiarle el contexto XD aunque antes que no podías editar los comentarios que ponías era mas chistoso
The-Quill-Warrior's avatar
Oh God, I can tell this could become a meme or something. XD
LinkerLuis's avatar
Well, the internet is really picky when it comes to turning something a meme XD but I'm glad you liked it! :D
gizmo01's avatar

Always good to have cooment that inspires us :D
LinkerLuis's avatar
Thanks :D Glad you liked it
Sorantheman's avatar
Still wondering who sent all those tanks.
LinkerLuis's avatar
The Deviatarmy? :rofl:
Dragonkingmark's avatar
you are welcome ^^
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