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Thanks for the Watch!

By LinkerLuis
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Rough sketch:
Thanks for the watch (Sketch) by LinkerLuis

First of all, thank you for being watching my gallery, it’s nice to have you around :)

Usually, when I get to your profile after receiving your watch notification, I tend to find an endless line of comments saying the exact same thing, “Thanks for the watch” :giggle:

I really appreciate the time you take to see my artworks as well as reading some of the comics I make, and I wanted to translate that into a more tangible thing.

I always try to mix it up a little bit to not fall short into thanking properly or to show that I really mean it. So, I wanted to find a funny new way of doing it that fits better into my way of being. I hope you like it.

Of course, I’m not only saying this for the newcomers, but also for you that have been around for a long time here:

“Watch for the Tanks!!!” :tank: 

I made an alternate version of this one, just because I thought you might fell more comfortable to be represented in another way. Feel free to pick the version you feel more fitting :)

Thanks for the Watch!(Alt.) by LinkerLuis
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It was at that moment that he knew...

He fucked up.
BTW Hi there Shantae.
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Nice spot! It took two years for someone to point it out :nod:
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LMFAO. Esta tira es la forma más graciosa de agradecer un watch que he visto, ¡no sabes como me hiciste reir!
LinkerLuis's avatar
Que bueno que te gustara :) Para eso la creé. El "thanks for the watch" esta muy rayado hoy en día :giggle: 
Randommode's avatar
That is really good art man :) 
LinkerLuis's avatar
You know how I try to do my best every time :D thanks
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That avatar fits that comment so well
LinkerLuis's avatar
You mean like the one I used in the comic? :) 
LinkerLuis's avatar
Thanks for noticing!  You're the first one to mention that.  I did that icon especially for the comic,  like if my avatar was actually reacting to the moment. I think it could be fun to use it while I say that to people in deviant art as a main icon,  but also people will think I'm distressed all the time
teddiboncers's avatar
:XD: Yeah. And now, whenever I see that comment, I'll always look behind me to make sure there aren't any tanks :rofl:
LinkerLuis's avatar
Be careful, those tanks are sneaky :ninja:

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Que divertido.
LinkerLuis's avatar
Delijz's avatar
De nada
Encantada de ser tu watch tu trabajo es increible
LinkerLuis's avatar
Gracias! no creo que alguien que no le guste que le digan algo bueno de su trabajo Llama-Emoji-13 (I'm Pretty) [V1]  heheh 
Delijz's avatar
Si cierto y de nada amigo
LinkerLuis's avatar
aunque me gustaria que me lo dijeran mas seguido :rofl:
Delijz's avatar
O entonces tu trabajo es asombroso!!!!!!!
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xDDD This is hilarious!
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Thanks :D I was hoping for it to be :giggle: 
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