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Shantae Squids (New Version)

By LinkerLuis
Recently, while checking my old artworks, I stumbled upon this one, and from this year no less. It left me with the feeling of, "I can totally improve this drawing."

I started almost from scratch, using the previous picture as a sketch. I changed some details in the expressions and improved the outlines. I added her tiara jewel, a black vest, several other details, as well as improving the coloring.

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Pop* as in heart explodes or something similar? XD
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Double Shantae, Double the Joy!

The coloring here is a beaut, and the expressions too... lovely indeed! :w00t:
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You can also see all the versions that this artwork had :)

(2015) Shantae squids all versions by LinkerLuis
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Dawww cute
it looks very cool
LinkerLuis's avatar
1/2 genie Hero somehow surpassed my cuteness level XD

Have you seen this one already?

My heart holder by LinkerLuis
Doctorshak10's avatar
NO that looks so adoribabl dude  
very cool
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She's so cute.
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Cuteness overload :giggle:
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Oh my Goooooood Shantae.
Is so pretty. 
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I always try my best to depict her in the cutest way possible :giggle:
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Trust me man, you're a pro at doing that. :la:
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Thanks! Ninpeach :)

(BTW how do you prefer to be called? :O)
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luisi. my real name
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And I'm Luisin! :giggle: not really, but is a diminutive way of saying my name. Like Jimmy is for James
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It could also be "Luisito" but it's a funny or cute way to say it :)
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It's Always a treat to see you draw Shantae.
Well done with the improvements. Looks great.
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