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Shantae Squids

By LinkerLuis
You can see my previous take on Shantae here: Shantae GBC

It was about time I brought back my favorite half-genie to the gallery! To be honest, I had this sketch on hold for weeks, but I was busy working other stuff and the idea got behind. But I kept  the file around and in my mind, because I knew it would make and adorable artwork.

Until recently I got my hands on the digital copy of the GBC version (of course completing it 100%  againSweating a little... ), and also The pirate Curse for 3DS (wich I haven't played in depth, because I'm a purist and would like to play the DSI version first) but I'm digging the artwork and style, throwing a little into the sexy-fanservice side, but it's okay. And by this moment in time, I'm also waiting for the Half genie Hero title for the Wii U, And the Smash Ballot results.... who knows?... a man can only dream with a Shantae Amiibo... (even if it existed, probably would be out of stock too so...)

I also have one question for the ones who played the 3DS version. Was I the only one that thought that I was supposed to do the same task of the warp squids, with the heart squids? So naive No, I disagree!

3 heart  challenge it is then, I just can't...

Shantae belongs to WayForward

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Melt... them... down!
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great work good picture of shantae
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do you do reqests?
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Only commissions :)
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If squids were like this Calamari rings would be rare.
LinkerLuis's avatar
I don't know. Rabbits are super cute and that doesn't prevent people from eating them :O…
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I kinda wanted to keep them around, it would be cool to have heart squids in your lighthouse :giggle:
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I love your work. ^^
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And I love you!... wait, that sounds weird.  Onionhead Too hot - Onion head I appreciate your enthusiasm Onion 2 

Any favourite artwork so far? :)
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I remember those little warp squids from the first shantae game. And then the heart squids from pirate curse. Good times those were.
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I genuinely thought I could save the heart squids at first, but apparently not XP
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Poor bastards never knew what hit them. Sad really. I can imagine the guy who first saw them crushed was like Darth Vader at the end of third movie in the prequels. Noooooooooo!!
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