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Sadistic beauties

By LinkerLuis
Patron request by Sorantheman Characters  Anabelle by Cobatsart(Left) and Mari by Ninja-8004 (Right). 

Don't let yourselves be fooled by their beautiful exterior (and posterior) these gals are as deadly as they are attractive. Most likely this would be the last thing you would see before an excruciating death... 

Dangers of Anabelle:

In Hell with Annabelle pg. 1 by Cobatsart

Dangers of Mari:

Bloody Mary by Ninja-8004 

But if you're into that, lucky you! 

Rough sketch:

Sadistic beauties (Sketches) by LinkerLuis

I usually don't go to the sexy route as I used to, but let me know in the comments or PM  what you thing about this artwork, I'm interested in hearing your opinions :) 

And, as funny as it might sound, I actually learned some anatomy tricks in the making of this, I possibly might use the knowledge in future artworks :giggle:

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© 2016 - 2021 LinkerLuis
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LudedWolf's avatar
LinkerLuis's avatar
Glad you liked it :D
Goldham92's avatar
time to chase their booties ;)
Randommode's avatar
They are quite scary usually 
LinkerLuis's avatar
Yeah, they're just playing with their prey at this point Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] 
Cobatsart's avatar


I don't even have the words to describe how amazing this is! ES PERFECT
LinkerLuis's avatar
Great! I had to modify her color palette in order to fit the black and white scheme, but I guess you don't mind :giggle: 

you did a great Job with her design I had some good reference to work her backside too :nod: I liked Anabelle a lot, I just wish she wasn't so deadly XD But in the end that's part of her character and one has to learn to accept it :)

and would you say that we have Anabelle's seal of approval as well? :D
Cobatsart's avatar
Oh, I'm sure she would love it!

But you've got her all wrong; Annabelle's not a killer! That paladin she was snuggling up to is still alive.

Sure, he's had most of his love violently ripped out and consumed, but he's fine....sorta....maybe
LinkerLuis's avatar
Mmm since the story was only 3 pages, I just assumed he died :O I guess it needed an extra scene showing the consequences of her attack. It looked like she was about to eat his very soul and that seems lethal XD

I would also recommend to include the links of the other pages in the description, it'll be easier to read the story if I can find the next or previous page by clicking a link bellow :nod:

I did something similar here, but I included all the pages to copy the same links in every description :nod:

Crazydent Evil 4 Page 1
Cobatsart's avatar
I do plan on doing that extra scene; a combination of other projects and laziness has so far managed to thwart my efforts, but I shall not be bested forever!

Also, I'd never thought of linking my comics pages together like that, but it does
make a lot of sense now that you mention it. Thanks for the advice :D
LinkerLuis's avatar
Great! I'll give you my watch and I'll wait for it :nod:

I would also recommend you to do it soon. Your style is going to improve as time goes on, and the last pages are probably going to look different from the first ones xD

You might even have the desire to rewrite the whole thing because your skills got better.But then again, it's just a suggestion :giggle:
Feurdelis's avatar
Dude, with booties like those, they can do whatever they want to me! :drool:

Damn sexy work, their evil grins both inspire fear and arousal!
LinkerLuis's avatar
See you on the other side then bye, bye 
Feurdelis's avatar
I lived a good life. XD
DiDark666's avatar
LinkerLuis's avatar
Glad you like it :D
shyguyus's avatar
Loving the hips Heart But I'm not gonna let that fool me.
Anyways.. favoriting this +fav 
LinkerLuis's avatar
In this case, the hips DO lie :giggle:
SigurdTheDragon's avatar
Never figured you would draw stuff like this...for the love of god though, don't do this to Shantae, I know someone will one day commission that
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