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By LinkerLuis
This artwork is based on an old fan art of Renamon I made in 2010,  you can see the original here:
Renamon-Rina by LinkerLuis

>You can reblog both artworks on Tumblr with this link<

This was one of the first artworks I submitted to Deviantart some time ago, along with some of my silly first web comics. I always liked it, even today I still do. It was one of my first major fan arts at the time so I was happy with it, I liked the colors, the pose, the outlines, and everything.

I was still a noob at this internet sharing thing, and I was also learning all the digital tools. I was really excited to see the progress I was making, and share it with everybody immediately... Even when nobody was there, because I was basically alone at my gallery at the time, but I didn't mind that at all :XD: Yeah, good memories, that's some "Internet Nostalgia" there.

So, this time I remade it from scratch. Of course, I took some liberties with Renamon's design, just to try to resemble the original "Rina" artwork I made. I hope you don't mind.

Renamon from Digimon belongs to (c) Namco/Bandai

You can support me on Patreon to keep making artworks like this one. If you're interested in becoming my patron, be sure to send me a message so we can talk about your concerns or suggestions :)

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Icyshadowlord's avatar
Heh, that's pretty cool =w=
LinkerLuis's avatar
She's IS pretty cool bro :D

Did you watched any of the Digimon TV shows by any chance?
Icyshadowlord's avatar
Heh, yeah.

I watched the first two and parts of the third. XD
LinkerLuis's avatar
Yeah, I guess that's enough :nod:

After the 3rd one I stopped following the show completely. :giggle:
The-Quill-Warrior's avatar
Next to Guilmon, Renamon is the best! ^^
LinkerLuis's avatar
Guilmon, the first OC canon digimon :giggle:
The-Quill-Warrior's avatar
I guess that's why he has the best character in the whole show.
LinkerLuis's avatar
Gallantamon was Indeed one of my favorite evolutions in the entire franchise :nod: Along with WarGreymon and Imperialdramon
The-Quill-Warrior's avatar
Yeah, Gallantmon was a pretty amazing beastie. It might be one of my favourite Digivolutions as well.
Feurdelis's avatar
Holy CRAP man! The level of detail here is AMAZING! You've come so damn far! :omgomg: 
LinkerLuis's avatar
Thanks man :D I figured that if I was gonna make this picture again, I would add as much details as I could :nod:
Feurdelis's avatar
Well it paid off man! Nod 
Sorantheman's avatar
She looks rather huggable.
Let's just hope that she can stay away from DasBoschitt.
LinkerLuis's avatar
Oh yes! I really like her fluffy hair around her neck. I imagine it must feel like a pillow or like a soft puppy fur... or maybe is spiky and it hurts like a porcupine :rofl:

I remember she used some sort sharp diamonds as technique, and I don't know if that was related to it.

Is Das a person? a concept? never heard of it before. :O
Sorantheman's avatar
He's a youtuber who makes Gmod vids. Let's just say he loves to mess with Renamon and her fans in his videos, especialy when one really weird Group of fans sent him a long list of things they don't want to see him do to Renamon. He answered with this:…
LinkerLuis's avatar
But this video is from 2010 :O

Besides I don't get the point of the argument in both sides, He could be doing worse stuff for sure. I don't think I should worry about it.
Coleslayer's avatar
I hadn't seen the old one in so long, I forgot the difference between the two. You REALLY have come a long way sir. :) You should be proud.
LinkerLuis's avatar
Ohh yeah, after being done I put both pictures together side by side just to see the differences. It's nice to stop once in a while to remind yourself that you're moving forward, it's easy to forget that.
Apatosaurs's avatar
Goodness, you've really improved! This is stunning, I especially love the shading <33
LinkerLuis's avatar
Thank you Amysaurus! :D 
Dragonkingmark's avatar
nice job with Renamon
LinkerLuis's avatar
Gracias! :D

Just mixing it up a little :giggle:
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