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Tabatha Izanna



For the ones who don't know, Tabatha is one of my original characters, and it's been around almost since I started sharing my artworks on this site.

It surprised me how long has been since the last time I drew Tabby in her non chibi form. A lot has changed in her design since that, and of course I've changed and improved as well, So I decided it was about time to do something new and awesome involving her. 

This picture was based on a sketch presented to my patreon supporters some time ago, and I thought it would look wonderful if I made into an artwork :)

You can see her chibi cute for here too:
Tabby Chibi Card by LinkerLuis Tabby cat by LinkerLuis

You can see the process of creation of this picture in a GIF format here: 
Tabatha Izanna (Process) by LinkerLuis

You can also consider supporting me on patreon, I would appreciate the support immensely. I actually made a special thanks comic with her exclusively for patreon supporters, and you can see it here: Tabby Patreon comic

Edit 2017:

Originally shared on patreon on November 8, 2015: Link

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Nice work my friend, great job on those colors!