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Nexus: Competition

Edit 2015: If you come from the Nausea Fuel entry on TV TROPES, you should note that this strip is from 2010, my skills weren't at their best and the humor might be a bit outdated. And I know there's much stuff out there that could be considered best"Nausea fuel" inducing but then I wonder... why would you searching for that anyways? XD It's nausea fuel, Don't see it!

If you wanna fully understand the joke, -You should watch this previous strip-

Justice or evil burrito? DARK OR LIGHT?

I win this competition cuz Syranon had to puke :puke:
and Johannes just passed out :faint:
Linker powers ON!! :chew:

Syranon belongs to :iconfreedomknight:
Johannes belongs to :iconsorantheman:
Ame belongs to :icontlwelker:
And Luis belongs to :iconlinkerluis:
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who will be the squickest?
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I think realistically the first one to fail would be the knight and then the human. The last one is a necromancer, I imagine he's used to nasty things xD
DJ-derpyhelmet's avatar
LinkerArts's avatar
I guess, but it made me think about it. I guess nobody would stand a chance at  grossness with a man that deals with Zombies and such :O
DJ-derpyhelmet's avatar
I was asking who is the squickest.
It was intended as an unimportant pun
LinkerArts's avatar
I thought it had more to do with the word "Squick" It was the first time I heard that word so I rolled with that definition.…
DJ-derpyhelmet's avatar
A classic Gross-Out show, Squick Fuel. TvTropes rules!!!
LinkerArts's avatar
It's been 7 years and people still come from the site to check this comic :rofl:
You did a Squick-tastic job! That will turn them into rear gassholes.
being that one cliched character that eats too much(Luffy, Goku, Vegeta, etc) would make you hungry looking at this
LinkerArts's avatar
KAKAROT! Did someone said Food?!
Fistron's avatar
Lunch! ! ! ! ! ! ! 🍗🍖🍕🍜🍝🍞🍟🍌🍆🍅🍉🍐🍈🍱🍦🍧😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
LinkerArts's avatar
What's your favorite food? :)
Fistron's avatar
Everything. Except many fruits. 😛😛😛😛😛😓😓😓😓
sonbreezie's avatar
What was the picture they had in mind for the page?
LinkerArts's avatar
Mmm what do you mean? TV tropes again? XD
How is this nausea fuel? It's just 3 guys eating oversized burritos. Frankly, in an anime, this is par for the course.
Usami98's avatar
Since the talk and eat in the same time as the plain gross
missael111796's avatar
Not really Nausea Fuel.
Obsidiandovah's avatar
Godamnit tv trope. WHY!!! * barf *
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