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Marianna Chibi Card



And last but not least, we have the tough cookie of the Izanna Family, the queen of diamonds, Marianna :la:

She's the older sister of the family, the more mature and rational of the 3. Nadya's right hand when it comes to discipline and for keeping the balance in the house, even on the little things as you can see here in this comic:

4k- Daredevil by Linker96 

She can also be short tempered, but it's usually due to the fact that she can't stand Tabby's childish and mischievous behavior or Amanda's indifference. Nevertheless, despite the constant arguments with them, she's really concerned about their well being.

She also loves plants an animals equally, being Koala bears her favorite. (If anyone asks, you didn't hear it from me :ninja:)

You can check the rest of the series here:

Tabby Chibi Card by Linker96Nadya Chibi Card by Linker96Amanda Chibi Card by Linker96
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I love this, this is way better then the alternate