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(Check also the side By side comparison

The Goomba was the last enemy created during the development process of Super Mario Bros. despite being the first encountered. During development, the only basic enemy was the Koopa Troopa. 
However, play testers had stated that the Koopa Troopa was too tricky of an enemy to have as the first one. Using this, the developers decided to create an enemy that could be defeated with a single stomp. 
The Goomba itself was created with the appearance of a shiitake mushroom. Since the enemy was created toward the end of the development cycle, though, hardly any bytes remained on the cartridge. Therefore, to give the enemy moving animations, the developers reused and flipped the image, making it appear to be walking“

 Goomba (Process) by LinkerLuis
Source: Super Mario Wiki

You can also check one of my previous artwork with my favorite Goomba right here.
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very badass good job
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Glad to see some Goomba appreciation :)
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LOL Oh my god, this is great tho, epic Goomba 
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I hope you saw the side by side comparison. The idea was to make an "HD" version of it XD Link
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lol I knew what it was 
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He can frown all he want. He still going to be stomped again.
Nice Picture, by the way.
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We're all stomped at some point in our lives anyways :B
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Yeah. Kinda makes me wonder why the Goombas are always like that XD
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Awesome rendition of a Goomba! I love the expression on his face. Great job! :D
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No problem. I'm always out to support talented people. :) 
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