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just bumped to this, personal favorite lmao :heart:

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This looks so amazing! The sun, the mountains, and the CLOUDS! Have any tips for making good backgrounds, I need it.

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thank you!! idk if you're actually asking for tips😆 but I personally mainly focus on the colours and the feeling of a painting if that makes sense? like, sorta like impressionism. So my "tip" is to look at the sunset/sunrise outside, look at how the light touches the buildings and pavements and go from there, don't stress about the details yet also, this may sound cheesy but just do it. it took an international lockdown for me to start painting backgrounds and I really wish I started doing them sooner

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Thank you for the tip!! You been very helpful. I was just asking because I'm making a project that involve with a detailed background.

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ah detailed ;v; best of luck!
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The cat: I'll be the king of this land!

Nice work man.

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haha they will be! at some point, maybe :p
thank you😊
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"from of which I am decided maybe of a Thad I am? Could be but glass could not. Please with wisdom I thank that lovely silly seal of which we must have to give up to re-invent the beer bottle" - The Pond President

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It's cute how you put the cat there to view and enjoy the sunset👍

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cats deserve a nice break every now and again as well😊
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this is now my wallpaper, really well done! :clap:

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Feeling a lot happier :) Stunning horizon

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Woa! Love the color scheme! So pretty

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