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Remember this pic? [link]

Well, after I learned about proportions a little more, I decided to redraw it so I could get more used to the new style as well as give them a bit of a revamped look. I also finally got around to giving the group a name: The Mighty. It's simple and, of course, it evokes the philosophical doctrine by which I live my life: Might for Right.

On a deeper note, I'm going to give a little more detailed explanation on them. Most of these characters are meant to be analogies for characters lost/mistreated/harmed in some manner in recent years in comics, a combination of characteristics while borrowing similar powers/backstories ALA Watchmen.

LIGHTBRINGER: Anyone who reads my comic knows his story. He's the world's first superhero.

HAILSTONE: Retreating from an otherdimensional realm consumed by ice, this mute heroine has come to prove herself worthy of this world by being a hero.

KINESIS: Tired of waiting for his neglectful parents to notice him, Ken Tanner runs away from home, stealing what he needs to survive while protecting those who would be harmed by people no better than bullies.


MAJESTIC WOMAN: Paula Talbot grew tired of being exploited in her previous occupation and found the courage to rebel. Later, she discovered the true powers she had and became a symbol of majesty for the world.

RED ARACHNID: A tired research and development scientist for Treasure-Max Enterprises, Karl Pollock was ready to give up on his sad, dull life. A freak accident allowed him a glimpse of his life in another world, another possibility, where he was a revered hero. Taking it upon himself to become the man he saw, he found ways to correct faulty or failed technologies and became the Red Arachnid.

CENTURION: I'm still working on a backstory and motivation. Real name is Lalla Hanley.

EDIT: On the suggestion of others (and from comments by those below), I've removed the characters that inspired them from their descriptions. Also changed Icemaiden to Hailstone (Thanks, PatrickG!)
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i cant wait to see more of these heros
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What happen to Future Girl(she has a heroine metioned on the news) ?Why isn't she on the team?
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Ah, female characters that look normal and are lacking the most commonsuperpower...if nothing else that is fantastic.
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thats not spiderman! its a spiderish man!
that certainly makes him original.

Also! Your little watchmen argument fails on many levels, you are simply a talentless hack.
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Even if that was correct - and in my not so humble opinion, it is not - don't you think there were some less assholish ways of saying that?
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If you have to describe your characters in terms of OTHER people's characters, you need to seriously rethink them.
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...I didn't want to reveal any full details behind them since I plan on using them at some point in the future. However, some of them I thought of as analogies to characters who have been mistreated in some manner. Each one has their own unique personality and character, but specific characters inspired things about them.
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That does nothing but prove my original statement.

But you know. Whatev. :shrug: Maybe my standards for /original/ characters are higher than yours. :V
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Or simply different standards. I ask - is Nite-Owl an original character in Watchmen even though he was based on Blue Beetle? Or Rorschach because he was based on the Question? Or to use better examples from the Big Two - is Power Princess from Squadron Supreme an original character considering she was based on Wonder Woman?
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:v if a character is based off another, it's rather not original at all. 9_9
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