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Seeking An Artist for Revolution of the Mask

Seeking An Artist for Revolution of the Mask

Details are in this external link: EDIT: Search is over!

Commissions... but not from me!

Commissions... but not from me!

Mostly because my own art sucks.  XD However, for those of you who watch me for my videos on TGWTG, Alabaster the Conspiracy Guy, AKA the guy who does the title cards for AT4W, is taking commissions to help send his girlfriend to England (hopefully to bring her back, too). Check out his DA here: *DrCrafty (



Wow, it's months since my last journal and I only seem to use it to promote my other stuff.  Weird, no? On that note, the fantabulous ChadRocco ~ChadRocco ( has begun his run as the new permanent artist on my webcomic Lightbringer!  Which is of course available here: So check out his awesome stuff and I'll see you in several months for my next thing I'm promoting!

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You know he's not active on here anymore, right? So, I don't think he'll respond to your comment plus not every feminist are part of PC culture (I use that term instead of social justice warriors when it comes to stuff like that you mentioned).

BorMedHobbyist Digital Artist
lewis in the rare case you ever read this, i just want to know if you has ever think about redoing lightbringer.
i think conceptualy is an interesting story and could work, with all the expirence you have now should be easy to write a more compeling and interesting story.

let me know bc i would like to participate, doing the art.
BorMedHobbyist Digital Artist
holy crap! i wasn't expecting this to be up... good for me i guess.
Overmind666Student Artist
Wait is this the actual Linkara from AT4W?
Basically all of this was what he did pre-AT4W

....He is not proud of it.
IanTheHedgefoxHobbyist Digital Artist