BEN'S Bad Glitch Day

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BEN’S Bad Glitch Day

Chapter 4

The Castle’s Vile Plan

It took some time for Ben to recover from the trauma with the basement flooding. He could feel someone rubbing his back gently; he uncurled himself to see Suicide Mouse right next to him with concern look on his face, Ben gave him a reassuring smile.

“Thank you for helping me, my friend.”

“Your welcome, Mr. True friends help each other out even when things get tough.” He says with enthusiasm.

“True and I thank you for saving me, my names Ben Drowned or just Ben for short, there’s no need to call me Mr. since we are no longer strangers anymore.” Ben replies.

Ben looks around the new area they are now in to see a high ledge of the barn with another window opening to a new path they can exit out of.

“Since we can’t go back to the way we came, we might as well go forward, let’s see what that window opening leads us to, can you give me a lift?” Ben instructs.

“Sure thing.” Suicide Mouse chimed as he help Ben get up to the high ledge with a leg boost, to jump higher. Ben then grabs Suicide Mouse’s arm and pulls him up on the ledge, Ben notices another 100 bytes on the ground.

“Keep it think of it as a gift from me.” He insisted.

“You sure?” Ben asks the mouse, as he nods his head of a confirmation.

Ben then places the bytes in his pockets; he has a total of 290 bytes in total. When they both enter the window opening to the other side of the barn where a long ladder leads the very top, they started hearing sounds of water being drained from an enormous bucket.

“Well, now we know where all the water came from at least.” Ben gave a nervously chuckled.

“Maybe there’s something in that well that could be useful.” Suicide Mouse suggested.

“We’re going to do a lot of climbing though.” Ben grumbled as he sees the long ladder that leads to a long way up to a large platform at the very top.

Ben gave a tired sigh as he starts climbing up the ladder with Suicide Mouse climbing close behind him, just in case either one of them lose their grip on the bars. Thankfully, there are other platforms to rest on if they are getting tired of climbing or their hands started hurting from fatigue. They kept going avoiding nasty large computer bugs getting in their way, once they have reach at the very top; Ben carefully looks down below of the platform. The enormous bucket is very imitating up close now empty without water has a large context sensitive button at the very bottom. Ben knew he needs to quickly active the button before they go kersplat on the hard wooden floors.

“Okay I need you to shift back to your mouse form, climb on my back, and hold on to me don’t ever let go of me until we are on safe ground understood?” Ben instructed.

Suicide mouse nods and gulping nervously as he looks at how high they were that and following at such a long way down. He shifts into his mouse for as he jumps on Ben’s back, holding on as tightly as possible so he doesn’t fall off or accidentally hurting his friend. Ben then runs on full speed as he jumps off of the platform as soon as the light bulb pings and appears above his forehead he quickly transforms into his statue form as they quickly fall down towards to the enormous bucket as Suicide screams in fright as they both fall down very quicky , Ben slams on the B button hard to active a gate that opened somewhere, near the area. Poor Suicide Mouse clumsily wobbles on his feet in dizziness as he tries to regain his footing after; he got off of Ben’s back, once they are safely inside the large empty bucket. When, Ben returns to normal his eyes are literately spinning and seeing stars at the same time, it took them awhile to ease their dizziness as well as keeping themselves from throwing up. Once they regain their senses they climb out of the bucket by using the ladder inside of the water bucket, then climb down another ladder to get back to the barn’s roof. Ben and Suicide Mouse hops off the pipes to get back down to the farm patch right on front side of the barn.

“I best be going I need to find Silver.”Ben says suddenly.

“Then let me come with you! I can help you find him!” Suicide Mouse insisted

“No… I have to do this on my own; I don’t want you getting seriously hurt.”


The mouse sighs in defeat knowing he can’t change his mind. “B-but you’ll come back right?”

“Of course I will, maybe you can be my roommate in Dark’s apartment. Once after I find and rescue Silver, would that be alright with you?” Ben offered.

“Well I was going to leave the barn anyway, I have no true friends there… So yes of course thank you!” Suicide Mouse perk up instantly. “I’ll see again after you finish your quest rescuing Silver, be safe you hear.”

“I will thanks. Save travels my friend.”

Ben and Suicide Mouse waved each other goodbye as they head to their separated paths, Suicide mouse took exit out of the farmland while Ben took the tunnel that the gate once closed up, he picks up another 100 bytes along the way, arriving back to Hub world, he quicken his pace as he head towards Platform Maker to see if Lost Silver is still there.

However, Ben was unfortunately too late as Silver was all ready found by the guards and they dragged him back to dark castle, where Ghost patiently waits for the guards to retrieve him again.

Silver was about to be once again locked away in his cage but, Ghost had a better idea.

“Place the prisoner in this carry cage, I need to bring him along to the throne room, I have figured out the table problem.”Ghost hissed orders to the guards, as they nodded and they instead place Silver in the carry cage that is a medium sized cage with wheels at the bottom.

“You’ll be coming with me, as I announced my plan to the king.”

“Let me out you bag of soot.” Silver growled.

“I think not my friend, you’ll come with me to the throne room whether, you like it or not.” Ghost growled as a mechanical hand appears from a slot of the wheelchair grabs the medium size cage and grab it pulls it alongside the professor Ghost as he yells out as he approaches the throne room.

At the throne room King Buried Alive paces back and forth around his royal chair waiting impatiently for the mad scientist to report his findings.

“He better hurry up. “ He growled, he then glanced at his guards who are looking at him warily. “What are you looking at?”

He starts hissing dangerously at them, he’s starting to get annoy at his men looking him. The guards quickly shook their heads I fear of his wrath.

“Nothing sire!” Both of the guards answered very quickly at the same time.

“Good.” The king sat back down on his chair as he puts his hand over his ear. “Ahhh! I think I can hear him.”

Ghost’s shouting eureka is heard through the large doors of the throne room, the doors opened as Ghost speeds his wheelchair to the royal hallway, as chair’s mechanical arm drags a medium size cage that held Silver captive.

“Eureka! Eureka!” The professor shouts with excitement. “I’ve found it! I’ve found it! Ya,ya eureka.”

He skids his wheelchair to a halt, as he’s got close enough to the king, the cage wheels squeak as it stops beside the wheelchair, Silver barely had enough time to regain his footing to preventing him to fall down on the cage floor.

“Ah! My Lord… Haha you’ll never guess what.” The scientist says with a lot of enthusiasm as he bows to the king. “I think I have found the problem.”

Buried Alive softly growls as he places his hand on his forehead listening with interest in what Ghost has to say, seeing as he has the king’s attention, he pulls out the diagram of the milk, the table, and drawings of a potted plant, some sort of hideous monster, and a statue, two drawings were crossed the only then that is not crossed out is the statue.

“Now, we have here if we look…the table.”Ghost uses his metal pointer to point at his diagram. “If you analyze the table closely, as I have done most particularly, you will see that there is a gap.” He turns the wheelchair away from the diagram looking at the king as he explains. “And we’re not talking any old gap here, My Lord. It is a sizeable one.”

Silver watches the whole thing rolling his eyes in disinterest as he shakes his head with annoyance. ‘What a loony.’ He thought to himself.

Ghost turns the wheelchair back to the diagram pointing at drawing of the milk on top of the table.” The milk goes here, what happens? We have the fulcrum here, the milk’s weight problem not good, and milk falls off because of gap.”He informs the king.

Buried Alive nods his head slowly as he begins to understand what his professor is explaining to him. “Hmmm I think I see.” He purrs as he rubbed his chin in thought. “And the solution?” He motions his hand for the mad scientist to continue his explanation.

“Ah, now this is where it gets complicated. I was mulling what could fit in the gap, I’ve tried many things.” Ghost continues his lecture, the guards grew bored of listening to this long conversation that they fall asleep out of boredom, Silver notices this and chuckles softy at that. Ghost was so boring that he even put their own guards to sleep; he’s very tempted to take a nap as well.

‘Get on with it.’ Silver thought to himself then all of the sudden he accidentally the next line out loud. “Yes, get on with it.” Of course he was ignored but he must be really bored if he starts talking to himself.

“I tried large monsters, potted plants, many things…”Ghost explains.

“You've only tried two things dummy.” Silver snarked.

Ghost glares angry at his captive before he continues were he left off. “But the one thing and I was sure of it at the time, I was sure it was a Legend of Zelda creepypasta, and sure enough it was… This one!” Ghost says proudly as he once again uses the metal pointer and points at the statue he drew.

Silver’s eyes widen in realization and fright on what the statue represents. ‘Ben!’ He mental cried out in fear.

“Stattius Elfgeterrious, to use the proper vernacular of the Latin version to his real name, Ben Drowned, that’s who we need.” Ghost smirks as he notices, Silver looking at drawing of his close friend in horror.

“Hmm yes, Ben Drowned, I’ve heard of him, yes so?” Buried Alive look at the professor in confused on what the professor is going on with this.

“So it is simple, my liege we need Ben Drowned, force him to transform into his statue version of himself and put him here.” Ghost says manically as he points at the missing table leg. “You no spill milk, we don’t get duck tape.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Silver shouted angrily.

“Oh but I do dare, he’s weak now its the perfect opportunity to capture him.” Ghost sneered.

Silver in response shakes and bangs the cage, his eyes is starting to change into black and red and growling with inner rage. “This all apart of your plan isn’t?”

“It’s only a start of my plan, capturing you weaken his moral and shattered his spirit, now it’s his turn to be captured.”

Buried Alive turns to his attention to his guards. “Gentlemen.” He says with an evil smile on his face.

The guards immediately awaken form their nap and looked at the king with a fearful look on their faces. “Yes my liege?” the guards said nervously.

“Get me this Ben Drowned and bring him to me alive!” he ordered

The guards smiled as they bow their heads “Yes my liege.”

“You won’t get away with this!” Silver shouted furiously at them.

“Oh, but we had just did and soon my plan will be in place, it’ll be fulfilled.” Ghost monologues as he moves his wheelchair towards the throne room doors going back to his lab as he drags the cage along with Silver screaming at the evil professor in rage as he is helplessly dragged back to the lab.

a short chapter ch4, it was all planned to be  in chapter 3... but the chapter got to long. 
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