BEN'S Bad Glitch Day

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BEN’S Bad Glitch Day


A golden rare logo sighs in relief that it has escape from its chaser until; the sound of a chainsaw was heard coming closer and closer. The golden logo yelps as it jumps in fright but, it's too late the chainsaw had already landed a hit. As the dramatic music starts playing, the one welding the chain saw looks very similar to adult Link but, with red and black eyes with blood dripping down on his face with maniacal grin on his face as he cuts the logo in half.

He growls as he says “Stupid logo!”

He uses the chainsaw to swipe off the pieces of the gold rare logo off to the side with the chainsaw now turn off and throw off to the side as well.

“Yeah that’s better.”

He brushes the dust off of his hands as he then, smiles towards the camera as he takes off his hat and pulls out a N64 logo out of his hat and places it on the ground. Then he sits on the 64 logo crossing his arms and legs while smirking.

“Marvelous" He says as he winks mischievously towards the readers as his story begins.

A voice calls out the back “BEN! Did you really have to do that?”

Ben rolled his eyes as he flips the bird, only to receive a pillow thrown at him as a response. Ben chuckles sheepishly as he shrugs his shoulders as it fades to black.

The scene changes with an eighteen year old BEN Drowned sitting on a red throne chair holding a glass of milk and wearing a crown on top of his long hat, tapping his fingers on the armrest. He drinks some of milk as stares forward likes he’s staring at an audience. As the camera zooms out, an eighteen year old Pokémon trainer with red and black eyes wearing black and white clothes is standing beside the chair also wearing a crown as well on top of his white cap. As the camera zooms out more shown other characters and guards are seen around the throne room, Ben starts to narrated.

“Well, there we are Ben and Sliver the kings; kings of allll the land who would of thought that. But how did it come to this you ask” He tells the readers. “And who are those strange folks that surrounds our throne room that you also say. Well it’s a long story, come closer and I’ll tell you. It all started yesterday, and what a day that was, it was what I like to call a Bad Glitch Day.”

The Title BEN’S Bad Glitch Day is seen on the screen and the two large castle doors closed as the story begins.

I had this idea in my head , after watching Conker's Bad Fur Day walkthoughs and reading creepypastas at the same time. Also there's going to be a few changes as i don't want this to be carbon copy of the same plot.
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I lowkey love this and can't wait to doodle for it.

Also the fact that they wear their crowns ON their hats and not one or the other is adorable in a weird way-

Also Ben trying to be all sassy-like while drinking MILK- Never change, Ben-

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well it'll take a while for the first chapter , but i couldn't choose between the hats or the crowns

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Like I said it's weirdly adorable in a way-