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What is Naruto Akiden?

Naruto Akiden (NARUTO 秋伝 Lit. Naruto Autumn Legend) is an unofficial fan reboot of Masashi Kishimoto's manga Naruto.

The entire Naruto-verse has been deconstructed and rebuilt for this series. You can expect everything to be changed by varying degrees, from raw chakra mechanics to character motivations to the basic history of Naruto's world. Some things will be similar to canon while others will be totally new. Likewise, several arcs will feel familiar while others will feel fresh.

How long are chapters and how often will they be released?

Chapters are between 30-40 pages in length and are posted monthly. Links to current and past chapters will be given fastest on the Discord, subreddit, Patreon, and then other places:

Reddit | Instagram | Discord 

Are you drawing it yourself? How do you support yourself?

Yes, I (Link2Time) do the artwork and story solo. Because of the length and work required for a 40 page monthly manga I'm taking the risky leap to doing Naruto Akiden full time and will be relying entirely on Patreon for income. This is very difficult, however, I will never put Naruto Akiden's main story behind a pay wall. Patrons will get exclusive rewards like character focused side chapters, early access to new chapters of the main story, and character design contests.

If you enjoy Naruto Akiden you can keep the project going for less than a cup of coffee per month:

Support me on Patreon!

Will ships be a large part of the doujinshi?

While there is some romance present in the narrative, it is not the main focus of the story I want to tell. Compared to canon however, there is more romance.

Will there be a large focus on the Konoha 11 and other side characters?

Yes and no. While some characters have larger roles (Tayuya), other characters have been cut out of the story entirely for time and pacing (Sai). Having the narrative be tighter than canon was an important goal for me when crafting the main plot. However, Patron-only side chapters are almost entirely focused on stories of supporting characters that I think are important but slowed the pacing. Examples include a new Kakashi Gaiden, a story about Minato and Fugaku's Genin days, and a story about the Sannin during the Third Shinobi War. These side chapters will not be necessary for understanding and enjoying the main plot but I enjoy them.

Will we see new shinobi villages or places not present in canon?

Occasionally. There is an arc in the Snow Country during Part 1 for example. The 5 Great Nations will still be the primary setting though. Naruto Akiden is, at its core, a story about Team 7 and their relationship with each other and the larger world. They will always be the center focus.

Will you ever ink/redraw chapters?

I may decide to ink Part 2, but Part 1 will be graphite only due to time constraints and expenses. If I do make the decision to ink I'll probably post an inked and non inked version of a panel or page to see which you guys like more. Part 1 will not be inked or redrawn (with the exception of Chapter 0) simply because I'll be busy with Part 2 and other Akiden content.

How will you avoid copyright?

It's a complicated topic but you can go here for a great article explaining why it's very unlikely Naruto Akiden will get shut down -

Will Kaguya be present in the story?

There is a character named Kaguya in Naruto Akiden, but she only appears in a flashback/side chapter and will not be any kind of antagonist.

Is Naruto Akiden still a shounen?

It's a cross between a battle shounen and a seinen series. For example, Akiden is darker and has an increased amount of character mortality but will still feel familiar to the original and iconic series.

Is the Masked Man Obito?

No, I won't reveal anything about the Masked Man's identity but I will confirm it is NOT Obito. It is a different character with a different background and motivations. His goals may or may not be similar to canon. You have to read to find out!

How will I know what's different? Won't I get confused because I'm familiar with canon?

I will reintroduce absolutely everything. For example, you'll get a new explanation of chakra and how villages function. While it may be hard to separate Akiden from canon at first, hopefully as the story goes on you'll get used to Akiden's world!

For more questions and answers, check out our Discord group! Discord is free voice + text chat for gamers with tons of cool features and great communities.

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It's awesome that you just went full steam ahead and started working on this project! Good luck, I hope it is going well for you.Llama Emoji-46 (This and That)