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Computer message:

Sender: Hey
Reciever: Hey, how are you?
sender: I'm fine
Reciever: not been getting yourself in to trouble I hope
Sender: lol, no.  Been working on the new mining project tho
Reciever: mining project?
Sender: yeah, it is a bit of secret but we just pulled in a new lith and it was a big one
Reciever: yeah?  Doesn't sound that big of a deal to me.  But what do I know, you miners always love rocks more than people
Sender: hey, you're on this platform too you know
Reciever: yeah, and if I knew you'd be dragging me into a nerd cult about rocks I probably would have reconsidered
Sender: but then you'd be alone on Mars, and besides, I wouldn't have had any friends here :*(
Reciever: yeah, you're right, now what's the big deal with this latest rock?
Sender: well... it's hard to explain
Reciever: what do you mean?  If it's just you talking about another Zircon again I might deport myself from this station
Sended: lol no, but hell man, that rock was cool, it had some the richest zircon deposits I had ever seen, you didn't even need a microscope to see some of them.  I wish you could have seen the damn thing it was great
Reciever: you're getting off topic you nerd :P
Sender: oh yeah, sorry.  But yeah, we don't know what it is, and right now the boss is telling us to be quiet about it.
Reciever: should you be telling me this?
Sender: you'll be fine, so long as you don't tell anyone :3
Reciever: that doesn't make me feel better Ali
Sender: hey, I think getting arrested is a very good reason to not tell others
Reciever: Well, I guess that is what friends are for, involving each other in potentially illegal practices
Sender:  Yeah, I would hate to go to jail alone you know ;)
Reciever: That's why you'd drag me there too, now before we get anymore distracted, what is so special about this damn rock?
Sender: The scientists are going to have a poke at it, but it could be something really big.  Well, this all started with the last asteral lith we picked up.  It seemed pretty normal, our initial scanning found nothing more than some decent iron deposits.  But we weren't expecting was the scan to detect cavities inside of the lith.  When we began delving into it,  we found some strange deposits of minerals, like zeolites we weren't anticipating, and things like clusters of pyrite, and strange formations that we could only classify as burrows of some kind, though the geologist wasn't even sure if they were natural or not.  As we continued to explore the cavity of this asteral lith in it was an enormous xenolith, unlike anything our geologist had ever seen before.  It seemed to have a somewhat round and oblong shape and properties akin to amorphous quartz, but possessed a strong luminous property to it that we couldn't identify, giving it an a faint glow when we turned off our flashlights.  It also was surprisingly light, which we assumed meant it was also hollow like the astral lith we were inside of.
Reciever: *snore*
Sender: hey! you know this stuff is interesting!!
Reciever: yeah but you always lose me at the technical stuff
Sender: maybe it's some secret alien technology
Reciever: well I hope it isn't 
Sender: Shit, my boss is coming, I have to go in a sec
Sender: why not?
Reciever: I don't believe in aliens :/

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