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{FNAF} Notice Me Senpai! Ch. 15
“Tell me that at least one person read the next chapters of Frankenstein? Anyone?”
It was dead silent in the classroom.
“This is during the time that the monster meets with Frankenstein and talking about the journey the monster went on.”
“Mr. Schmidt can’t be the only one who knows and should know this.” Jeremy looked between the other man and the rest of the students.
There was still silence throughout the room.
Jeremy was getting at his wit end in what he had to do with the students. The lesson relied on them reading those chapters.
“So…if we kissed would it be enough for you all to remember what you read last night?”
Everyone raised their hands all shouting yes for that.
The brunet was going to protest but he was pulled into an embrace and then was kissed deeply on the lips.
Many whistles and pictures were being taken of the two.
Some minutes passed until the two pulled back from one anoth
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Mature content
{FNAF} Notice Me Senpai! Ch. 14 :iconlink-zelda-lover:Link-Zelda-lover 1 0
{FNAF} Show Me Your Love is Real Ch. 6
Jeremy felt himself already falling in and out of sleep. Not once but twice did he come that night and really did it spent his energy as he was doing all he could just to stay awake. He turned his head towards the closet mirror seeing himself and how dirty he was. Tilting his head up enough he could see the marks that Mike left along his neck to his chest. A light blush came to Jeremy’s cheeks again as he gently touched the marks seeing they were there and not a part of his imagination. What happened then was real…he truly lost his virginity to that wonderful man.
“He…he really…I really lost my…” Butterflies fluttered in his stomach as a giddy feeling washed over him with a goofy grin on his face. “I can’t believe it…” Jeremy touched the marks some more tracing them over. He giggled liking how they were there proving that he was with Mike. That dawned on him completely that he truly was Mike’s now as the blush retu
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{FNAF} Notice Me Senpai! Ch. 13
Seeing the other man there that he was just thinking about did throw him for a loop, but he was not going to let it get the best of him. He would stand up against him for the one that he cares for no matter what. Drawing up the courage, Jeremy came over to stand in front of him trying to make himself look taller though he was short comparatively still.
“You do know that you are still short, right?”
“S-Shut up. I don’t need to hear that from you.”
“Right, regardless why are you here?”
“For reasons.”
“Does one happen to be of Mike? I’ve been looking around for him everywhere and I know he is still here his car is as well.”
He knew that Mike was suppose to help with the whole date thing so that should be what he was doing at the moment. “I don’t know.
“Then you are of no use to me. I need to go find them. I haven’t checked the cafeteria yet so I’ll go there next.”
Knowing that was w
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{FNAF} Notice Me Senpai! Ch. 12
If the world was to end at that moment many fucks would be given to keep it from doing so because one of the people named Michael Schmidt was not ready to die.
No instead he was ready to fight for what was his own right to tell the one he likes just how he feels and let those feelings be reciprocated and they live happily ever after in one of those sappy fairy tale endings.
But that would only happen if he could get the fuck out of Fritz’s god damn arms!
“I have a class.”
“No you don’t you’re done after your fifth period like you always are.”
“I could have gotten a sixth period.”
“You wouldn’t give up your free period to catch up on work and such.”
“I need to go out.”
“You always get everything ahead of time so that you don’t need to.”
“God damnit Fritz let go of me!”
“There’s the honesty.” Fritz grinned as he continued to hug the man.
Mike was at his wits
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{FNAF} Show Me Your Love is Real Ch. 5
What exactly was he suppose to do? Even though that was an irrelevant question because he knew the answer to it already. It was to do what Mari had told him and introduce them to Jeremy. Simple right? Yet every time he tried to think of a way to introduce them in the best possible light it always seemed to end badly. He knows Jeremy wasn't that kind of person but it didn't stop those thoughts running through his mind. He...he didn't want Jeremy to hate be disgusted with him in being in this kind of relationship…
Upon hearing his name Mike looked up to see Mari standing in front of him his hands on his hips. "Y-Yeah?"
"You didn't go up for your show. Goldie had to improvise for you."
Mike blinked as he looked around the backstage at the clock seeing the time it read. His mouth dropped open at how almost 2 hours had passed since he was suppose to do his show. "M-Mari I-I'm r-really-eeep!" The raven haired stripper was pulled up by Mari as they walked over to the o
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{FNAF} Notice Me Senpai! Ch. 11
Why is it that everything involving Mike happens to end in some form of...I don't know miscommunication or oh my favorite out right lying to my face.
Now we can really tell that our little TA is very pissed off these last couple days. Why would you say so? For the fact that he was angrily grading papers in the teachers lounge. Not grading them harshly mind you but just looking very angry. Let’s recap on what exactly has happened lately.
So Mike has finally realized some feelings for Jeremy yay! He knows he feels close to the boy, wants him to be around much more, and mostly feels some form of possessiveness of him? That is still up to debate in his own mind we will come back to that later. After realizing these feelings Mike tries to confront Jeremy but took him two months to do so. Mikey boy you really let yourself down for that having to get some help from younger girls. Either way he manages to catch Jeremy and try to explain his feelings, which by the way didn’t
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Why Can't Things Change?
I live my life how I always have.
Trying to be that good girl,
Trying not to causing trouble,
Always wear that smile so no one would worry.
But I still fall short from that tree of perfection.
Yet who can ever really be perfect?
How come I feel that is what I need to do?
I lose myself to these emotions I once locked away,
The emotions that no one knew existed.
Now they are all out,
They are out and I can't bring them back in.
They haunt me,
They control every action I take.
People worry when they didn't before.
No one new they existed,
Now they are all over my sleeve.
They are there for all to see.
I make them worry.
I make them feel pity.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Why am I so stubborn?
Why can't I let those hear me out and let them help?
Because of fear?
Of rejection?
What is it?
Why is it that I can't trust people?
...Is it trust?
Once more that fear of being alone?
How many times have I felt alone?
How many times have the thoughts of the past continue to stay in my head
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Mature content
{FNAF} Show Me Your Love is Real Ch. 4 :iconlink-zelda-lover:Link-Zelda-lover 1 0
{FNAF} Notice Me Senpai! Ch. 10
"Please Jeremy let me talk with you!"
You know when you have to chase after a person to get them to understand your side of things and then to tell them your feelings that you done messed up badly. Mikey boy you done fucked up.
Jeremy kept walking through the cafeteria finding himself blending in easily with the students around him.
Mike looked around seeing that he lost his TA. "Fuck." He cursed under his breath having lost the brunet in the crowd of kids. "Why do you have to blend in easily with kids?" The raven ran a hand through his hair sighing. He moved off to the side to get out of the way of the students still walking around. Losing hope for now, Mike left the cafeteria and headed outside.
Shit shit what am I going to do?! It has been almost 2 months since I told off Mari but I still haven't gotten any time with Jeremy since! He changed teachers and continues to avoid me at all cost! Yeah I know I messed up badly but I'm trying to fix it here! I have to find a way to corner
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Mature content
{FNAF} Show Me Your Love is Real Ch. 3 :iconlink-zelda-lover:Link-Zelda-lover 3 15
{FNAF} Notice Me Senpai! Ch. 9
Freddy looked over the papers in hand tapping the pencil against the desk. " really first. Yet you haven't given me a clear explanation as to why you don't want to be Michael's TA anymore."
Jeremy fiddled with his hands looking down at them. "'s...complicated Mr. Fazbear..."
A sigh came from the principal as he set the papers and the pen down. "Jeremy you've been with us close to...what a month now? Maybe two? I'm not keeping track, but despite that you know that you have become one of our friends. Work aside what is the real reason you don't want to be Mike's TA anymore?"
Sheesh was the guilt trip on him or what? Though he had been there almost 2 months now he did consider these people friends. In the weird way they were that is, sometimes he felt like he couldn't trust them all...mainly William but that's besides the point. Yeah he saw them as friends, but could he really tell them about his...crush for his Senpai? The thought alone was embarrassing!
"I-It's still com
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{FNAF} Show Me Your Love is Real Ch. 2
Mike didn't know what to believe; in his hand was the number to that cute boy from last night, but he never remembered ever getting it. Was this real? Was it fake? He didn't want to get his hopes up! Didn't anyone understand that?! Mike glared down at the piece of paper until he heard the door open to the room.
"Ahoy Mikey? Ye be awake?" Foxy opened the door more looking inside to see said man up and out of bed. "Ye be awake, tha be good, Mari and me be makin' some-"
"Is this some kind of joke?"
"Eh? Wha ye be talkin' bout lad?"
"This!" Mike turned around holding the piece of paper up. "Is this suppose to be funny?! I told you I didn't want to get my hopes up!"
"Whoa 'ey lad wait 'ere me out."
Mike glared throwing the piece of paper at him but it helplessly floated down to the ground. "Here you out?! You should know that this wouldn't work out! That I didn't want to get my hopes up only for my heart to break again! You and Mari know this especially!"
Foxy came up to him having his hand
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{FNAF} Notice Me Senpai! Ch. 8
You know those times where you break your mother's vase and you try to cover up but you get caught anyway? Well think of that, then apply that to a 20 year old man with his teacher while being in the car heading to said teacher's home.
....You know that might not have been the best of analogy to use...
How about we say that our little TA here is gonna be fucked? Yeah that sounds better....sort of...oh you know what I mean!
"M-Mr. S-Schmidt...I-I-"
"Not another word Fitzgerald."
"Not. Another. Word."
Growing quiet, a slight nod came from the one in the passenger's seat.
Jeremy has seen the raven mad. It was what got him into the whole mess of helping the other teachers to begin with. But this time he was furious. In all honesty he didn't understand why Mike was angry to begin with. There was really no reason for him to be so...unless... Was William serious about Mari challenging Mike in order to take me? But then that doesn't explain why Mike would be mad...ugh...maybe
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{FNAF} Show Me Your Love is Real Ch. 1
The sun had set on a beautiful quiet day leaving darkness to consume the world. But this never lasted for long when the lights of the night turned on to reveal those who even in darkness continue on with their activities.
One in particular was a strip club, where a group of friends decided to enter that night.
"Desmond, come on I said I didn't want this."
"Really Jer you're 22! It's your birthday and we are gonna have a good night!"
"You can't stop us now Jeremy we're already here and you will enjoy your evening!"
"Jake really..." A sigh came from his lips.
Jeremy Fitzgerald was a college student that had turned 22 that day. He had light, slightly curly brown hair that went across his forehead and straight hair just down to the bottom of his ears as the ends curled up. Light green eyes looked away from his friends who continued to drag him into the place. Really though a strip club? They couldn't think of anything else?
"Ah you all must be new, always good to see new faces here in our
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{FNAF} Notice Me Senpai! Ch. 7
W-Why am I in this position? H-HOW AM I IN THIS POSITION?!
There's one thing you have to realize about this situation. Actually make that three things.
One. He was 20 years old. No lie. He is legally 20 and has his birth certificate to prove that.
Two. His elder teacher, mentor, stalker? Had to be about ten years older than he was if not more, maybe. Doesn't look that old to be honest besides the red blush marks, purple tear streaks going down his face, and the half white half black hair........moving on.
And three. Did he mention he was NEARLY 7 FEET TALL? No? Well he's FUCKING 7 FEET TALL! 6'10 TO BE ACCURATE!
Jeremy Fitzgerald was a TA at Fazbear High and he thought life would be easy if not something to get through quickly. Ha! Didn't life loooooooove to bitch slap him in the face and make it a living hell. After upsetting his actual teacher, the brunet was forced to go and help the other teachers of the school in whatever they needed him to do. That ranged from helping them
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I've been writing more than drawing so I hope you like my stories, poems, random thing, and my past drawings. As well as my friends that I post up ^^


Public prayer by Inverted-Mind-Inc Public prayer :iconinverted-mind-inc:Inverted-Mind-Inc 137 3 Darkiplier by Inverted-Mind-Inc Darkiplier :iconinverted-mind-inc:Inverted-Mind-Inc 134 8 Love and hate by Webmegami Love and hate :iconwebmegami:Webmegami 63 24 JJ-Boys Now and ever by BiPinkBunny JJ-Boys Now and ever :iconbipinkbunny:BiPinkBunny 202 54 Goodluck Kiss by chico-robot Goodluck Kiss :iconchico-robot:chico-robot 225 11 BSD: The Other Side by YummySuika BSD: The Other Side :iconyummysuika:YummySuika 37 8 Timeless Champions by YAMsgarden Timeless Champions :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 2,287 55 Minuet of Forest - Wallpaper by tallydraws Minuet of Forest - Wallpaper :icontallydraws:tallydraws 198 34 Prince Sidon by Akuo-art Prince Sidon :iconakuo-art:Akuo-art 217 2 Braid Buddies by KaikaKaze Braid Buddies :iconkaikakaze:KaikaKaze 288 14 Come 'ere, fishy, fishy! by Kim-SukLey Come 'ere, fishy, fishy! :iconkim-sukley:Kim-SukLey 180 19 BOTW - Motivational Sidon by ectochoir BOTW - Motivational Sidon :iconectochoir:ectochoir 70 2 Sidon. by Mauw-than-one Sidon. :iconmauw-than-one:Mauw-than-one 372 13 Nose kisses by Kim-SukLey Nose kisses :iconkim-sukley:Kim-SukLey 591 51 Sidon's Beach Ring by MissMillia Sidon's Beach Ring :iconmissmillia:MissMillia 276 77 [ C ] Prince Sidon by MekaRanger [ C ] Prince Sidon :iconmekaranger:MekaRanger 501 11


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Heeeeeeeeey Everyone long time no see. Well it has been sometime since I actually have done one of these but thought that all of you deserve an update.

For one thing I am not dead. College has been killer which has prevented me from updating a lot of things. But will finals almost done I will have much more time to work on my stories that I have been pushing off for so long! I need to get back to them and I shall do you not worry about that! Basically school has been hell for me and I want you all to know that things have been alright with me. Things will hopefully get back on schedule soon enough for me.

Next thing I want to talk about is this new blog me and :iconnarutofan159: have created for my story Show Me Your Love is Real. Basically I wanted to promote it to all of those who read that story for you all to come out and interact with the characters we have there. You'll get to see content that have yet to come out in the story and even see more with us about it. We did this for multiple reason but for me this way you guys can know things and don't have to wait forever for an update for the actual story. This way you have something while you are waiting at least. So come check it out on tumblr and interact we would love to see all the wonderful asks and whatnot you would have for these characters.

I hope you understand and look forward to more content soon enough. Have a good day everyone!
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