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  Nothing but smiles now, she looked to the right side of her. “You’ve been staring at me the moment I started to drink. I noticed honey.” Mitzi said. Once again it was the greeter. Mitzi leaned in to the girl and smiled. She never really got a good look at the greeter. “I never noticed how gorgeous you are, damn.” The greeter began to blushed. It was true, Mitzi doesn’t really care about random people, especially if they tell her to do something. “Kiyomi, that’s my name..Kiyomi” The greeter had nice light pink hair with a hue of purple. She had sun kissed tan skin, and sunset magenta eyes. “The name is Mitzi, but you can call me tonight.” Mitzi giggled. Kiyomi gave her an awkward smile. “I’m sorry, I’m not usually like this. I haven’t been home for over 12 years. Everything changed..I’m not good with changes.” The brunette looked down at her glass. “What’s the real problem, I understand changes can make a person feel uncomfortable, but to drink heavy like this?” Kiyomi said. The smile that was on Mitzi face vanished. “I saw my ex’s daughter today. I-I thought I was tough enough to come back home. But seeing her, it fucked me up. The truth is, I thought I was someone he wasn’t going to get over, but he apparently moved on. Has a family now, and a wife that I absolutely hate.” Another bottle gone, she had gulped it down. “Don’t get me wrong, but I thought I’d be the one who got away but I guess I was wrong.” The pinkette stopped Mitzi hand from grabbing another drink. “Easy girl, easy! Well you deserve to come back home. Don’t let someone ruin it for you. You’ve come so far, why let this put you down.” She caressed Mitzi cheek and smiled at her. “God you’re beautiful, now drink, I want you to see me as pretty.” A small chuckle came escaped from her lips as she handed her new friend a drink. “I’m not much of a drinker, I don’t like the tas-“ Kiyomi was quickly cut off by Mitzi finger that was placed on her lips. “Shhh don’t taste it, just chug it. That’s the secret.”

  The two drank away for the next hour. “W-wait a-aren’t you suppose to work, right now?” Asked Mitzi. “My father owns this restaurant, I’m fine.” Said Kiyomi. The two giggled. Both of them were gone with all the alcohol they drank. Mitzi then placed her head on the table. She was actually enjoying herself, even though it was the wrong way. It didn’t matter though. If this is what it took to make her feel better, then she had no regrets. One thing lead to another and she was slowly drifting off to sleep. Up until she heard a familiar voice. “Mitzi?” The tone of the voice was kind in a way. It was a bit deep but not too much. It was just the right type tone to put someone at ease. Mitzi slowly picked up her head. For a moment everything was blurry, but she then gain focused. “Am I dreaming? Kakashi is that you?” The white haired man walked over to Mitzi and poked her. “I was walking around the village and heared your voice. I came inside to double check if it was you. It seems that you’re wasted. Yeah it’s time for you to home” said Kakashi. “Home? I don’t got a home.” Mitzi then stood up and placed her arm around Kakashi shoulder. “You can walk me to my Inn if you like.” She pinched Kakashi ear and smiled at him. Kakashi slowly walked with Mitzi to the bar tender.
“How much do I owe you?”
“Lord sixth! For you no charge.”
“Are you sure? She drank quite a lot.”
The bar tender smiled, gave him a water bottle, then waved off Kakashi.

  “Here Mitzi drink this.” He handed her the water bottle with the lid off already. The last thing he needed was for her to spill the water everywhere. Mitzi grabbed the bottle and drank it whole. “What the hell was that!” She looked at the bottle and made a sour looking face at it. She then turned to Kakashi and smiled. “Hey I know you! You’re Kakashi Sensei.” She let go of his arm and hugged him. Kakashi didn’t know what to do. He’s never seen her drunk. Mitzi tip toed to reach his ear. “You know I use to have a huge crush on you when I was a teenager. You’re still cute till this day.” The whole face of Kakashi became really red. He was shock to hear that come out of Mitzi. He’s known her since she was a Genin. He does admit she was cute when she was a teenager and even till this day, she had blossomed to a stunning woman. “Mitzi where’s your Inn?” Kakashi asked. She wasn’t focused at all. He knew he wasn’t going to get an answer from her. “Well I guess it can’t be helped.” He picked her up and walked towards the direction that lead to his house.

  The moment he got home, he placed Mitzi into the spare bed room. He tucked her in the bed and left. Mitzi was in a deep sleep. She was dreaming. At times Mitzi doesn’t understand some of her dreams. The weird ones often come true. At first she thought it was a coincidence but it would happen quite often. In this dream she was having, there was a little white dragon. It was a weak one. She knew the beast had potential but for some reason it only got weaker and brittle. She walked up to the small reptile and placed her hand over it. The beast was afraid at first but grew to trust her. Mitzi held the creature in her hands. Slowly but surely the dragon grew bigger. It was now floating in the air but it was still right next to her.
A dark shadow then appeared in front of Mitzi and the dragon. The white creature went back on the ground and placed it’s wing over Mitzi as if it was protecting her. The shadow walked up to the dragon and got on it. The dragon didn’t like it at first but soon grew to accept the shadow. Both shadow and beast flew away. It had seemed the shadow was teaching the dragon how to get stronger. Once it was done learning it came back down to Mitzi. The dragon was stronger than ever. It kneeled before her. A smile spread across Mitzi face.

  The morning came and went. Mitzi didn’t wake up until the afternoon. Her eyes slowly opened. She took her time getting up. The poor girl looked around. This wasn’t the room she remembered from the inn. She quickly got up, walked out the door and whispered “Mitzi what the fuck did you get yourself into?!”
“You’re finally awake.”
Mitzi squinted her eyes and recognized she was at Kakashi’s house. “What in the hell?! How did I end up here?!” The sensei got up and raised up his hands up to his neck and gave out an awkward chuckle “Nothing happened I swear!” She raised her eyebrows and gave out an awkward smile to him.
“If you say so…so um did I say anything or so anything weird or bad last night?”
“You did say some things, but I wouldn’t call it bad. Just embarrassing I guess for you.” He responded. Mitzi placed her right hand on her face and pinch in between her eyebrows. “Damn it, how much did I drink last night?” She asked.
“I didn’t really count but there was more than 8 bottles. You should really watch how much you consume, Mitzi.”
Mitzi ignored the last part of his sentence, she was actually happy that she might have beaten her own drinking record. “Well then! Thank you Kakashi-kun for watching over me, but I I should get goi-
Before she could finish her sentence she was cut off.
“Mitzi, please take care of yourself and be on good behavior. It’s good that you’re home, I bet everyone would be ha-
“There nothing for me here, I'm not planning to stay here. Once again, thank you for everything.”
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November 26, 2017


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