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The Return Chapter 2
  Nothing but smiles now, she looked to the right side of her. “You’ve been staring at me the moment I started to drink. I noticed honey.” Mitzi said. Once again it was the greeter. Mitzi leaned in to the girl and smiled. She never really got a good look at the greeter. “I never noticed how gorgeous you are, damn.” The greeter began to blushed. It was true, Mitzi doesn’t really care about random people, especially if they tell her to do something. “Kiyomi, that’s my name..Kiyomi” The greeter had nice light pink hair with a hue of purple. She had sun kissed tan skin, and sunset magenta eyes. “The name is Mitzi, but you can call me tonight.” Mitzi giggled. Kiyomi gave her an awkward smile. “I’m sorry, I’m not usually like this. I haven’t been home for over 12 years. Everything changed..I’m not good with changes.” The brunette looked down at her glass. “What’s the real pr
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The Return chapter 1
    I can't believe I'm back" Mitzi said as she stood before the gates of Konoha. The village looked so much different when she had left it. After so many years of being apart from her home, Mitzi decided it was time to go back. She had been traveling around to different villages in hopes to get her life straight. When the war ended, she reconciled her relationship with Sasuke. The two traveled around to different parts of the world. All she wanted was for him to be himself again. To be happy. Things were fine, both got to travel together, learning more about each other. She really thought they'd have a nice future together. An incident occurred, and forever changed her life. She felt she was of no use for her partner and decided to leave him. It took 12 years for her to come back home. She was afraid, but she needed to be brave.
    The brunette walked into the village. She talked to the fellow shinobies who checked her ID and papers. When she was done with that pr
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Queen Elsa by link-itasasu-freak Queen Elsa :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 25 0 Ino yamanaka Chibi by link-itasasu-freak Ino yamanaka Chibi :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 15 6 Inochristmas by link-itasasu-freak Inochristmas :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 13 5 Sasuino by link-itasasu-freak Sasuino :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 15 7 InoHina: road to ninja by link-itasasu-freak InoHina: road to ninja :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 33 5 NaruSaku: We are young by link-itasasu-freak
Mature content
NaruSaku: We are young :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 69 17
ShikaIno: Carry me home tonight by link-itasasu-freak ShikaIno: Carry me home tonight :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 23 3 InoSaku: SasuNaru by link-itasasu-freak InoSaku: SasuNaru :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 77 49 NaruSasu: InoSaku by link-itasasu-freak NaruSasu: InoSaku :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 39 27 InoHina: show yourself girl by link-itasasu-freak InoHina: show yourself girl :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 27 8 SasuIno: Jacket love by link-itasasu-freak SasuIno: Jacket love :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 64 22 Angle in the night by link-itasasu-freak Angle in the night :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 46 16 Karin and Konan: Girl day out by link-itasasu-freak Karin and Konan: Girl day out :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 29 6 InoHina: ButterFly by link-itasasu-freak InoHina: ButterFly :iconlink-itasasu-freak:link-itasasu-freak 22 2
I'm back bitches...
That's if anyone is still on here.


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