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master chief fan art

i desire to do this for a long time.
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like this he seems more man like he was in the first game
Daggerman2009's avatar
Halo for the win!
Jskiotis's avatar
my god this is awesome!!!!!
Pudsybear's avatar
wow is that digital?? Looks so textured like the paint is coming off the canvas!
Tank50us's avatar
must be when he was in an earlier incarnation of the armor. very nice though.
toteZitrone's avatar
this is awsome, I really like the colours and structures.
Michael-18's avatar
And you should continue to do so, my friend. Well done!
straynger's avatar
just discovered your a huge fan now
LadyShock's avatar
you drive me crazy! <3
havesomethink's avatar
and I desire to play this for eternity but that doesnt count. still, this is a fantastic picture.
TylerChampion's avatar
This is one of the best Halo pieces I have ever seen. seriously bad ass.
RandomizedDoodles's avatar
Amazing. Could you inform me on how you created this? I'm new to this.
Aberzheim's avatar
I too feel a craig mullins influence, but in a good way =)
nice job, loving the texture and sketchy feel
ZeOrhion's avatar
I find your work very impressive.
We could think that the image processing and the techniqcs used are only superficial, however, all your pictures tells a story, all your pictures are full of details and holds us captive by their depth.
And your Master Chief Fan Art is no exception to the rule.
I am a big fan :clap:
spu7n1k's avatar
Very nice! Reminds me of Craig Mullins :)
NoelZepeda-ART's avatar
Hell yeah, great work, The Chief rocks!
theLuminary's avatar
I'm incredibly interested in your process. What an amazing final product!
Luke3307's avatar
Dude that's just fuckin great your awesome
uncle-shaun's avatar
This looks great. I love how you've managed to do this with a minimal use of detail, yet it looks so realistic.
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