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Two Twins Diverged in the Wood

Betsy and Becky have been indistinguishable from birth, except that Betsy was always the bossy one. But suddenly things are looking up for Becky.
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I love these pics ^^
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I don't think "swole" is a word.
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That's nice, but it's not an official dictionary like Webster's etc. What you referenced was the scholarly equivalent of youtube or wikipedia (not authoritative at all). Oh well, have fun.
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It's a play on words. Typically we would use words like "swollen" or "swelling" to describe what happens to someone who's having an immune reaction to an insect bite, as in this panel. "Swole" is a bodybuilding subculture vernacular term for large or muscular, and implies a before and after effect, e.g. "[X] got swole." It's not clear to me if the term "swole" arose from a deliberate misuse of the word "swollen", which is called "catachresis", or whether one person misused the word and others emulated him from amusement. Either could be the case.
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Nice work! Love the new Becky :-)
Nice work Lingster buddy!  I look forward to your next work!
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Now *that* is Great, and not just because of the clever title.
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And I screwed the one less scrawny.
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