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Breast Expansion, Tight Tee

By Lingster
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[link] - She was disgusted at the way her small boobs didn't even conform to the minimal curves in the new t-shirt she'd bought. Little did she know the shirt was magical!
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Hey there’s something wrong with this comic. Every time I click on the pic in order to get a better look it takes me to Growth Comics.

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Actually liking the 3rd and 4th set the best ....well to me anyways.

great job, love the concept.
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I have nothing to say...
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That A cup bra must be struggling for dear life.
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Interesting! The best feature of her breast growth is how her arms are filling in as well. As I like breasts big, the last take works fine for me.
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ohhhh good boobs i like it 
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Eye opening.  
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I like the upper right and lower left ones, they're like perfect
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Neither the first nor the last breast size dosen't worths it on her.....

The best FAP starts with the previous one.....

^ ^
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I think the upper right figure is large enough.
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That last panel tho. That fucking face.
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that's not how boobs OR t-shirts work.
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Nope, still prefer the first two ...
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dem tittays. 

But seriously, I appreciate a woman who doesn't rely on booby size to feel good about herself.
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Where can I get a shirt like that for myself?
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Very nice ! I like !! :)
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We need this T-shirt out for mass consumption.
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Amazing work - and I like that it looks like she's growing as well!
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Awesome work :-)
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Is she growing taller, or is the POV zooming in?  no matter.
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I'm curious... is that a shirt with morphs, or a dynamic shirt?
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