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Not Enough.

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I've been longing to paint this one for a long time but I was too afraid that I had a lack of skills to accomplish in a way that could compare to my original idea... as in my head.
However I gave it a chance and I must admit that I'm quite pleased with the outcome. It's not perfect in any way but this is kind of what I had in mind.

I might repaint it some day because I want it to be "perfect" because for me the meaning of this painting is so direct.

The person wants to get close to you but suddenly realizes that what she has to give is not enough to cover the holes. Or do you and this person live in so completely different worlds that you're an impossible match? Two different puzzles, in every way.
There is more to it than this but I don't want to keep you up all night.

I hope you like this piece:)
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It is so beautiful.. I love it.. hehe I just dont find the words to say how much I liked it.. the colours and concept are simply amazing! :+favlove:
(I'm sorry for the bad english! ;-; )
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ive never seen any of work work so far but i already admire you so much as an artist. SO MUCH.
you seem so much like me as an artist, i have an idea but i usually don't go for just because i don't think it'll come out EXACTLY how i want it to. i feel that given the description you gave i think you nailed it. it look simply fantastic. wonderful amazing unbelievable job.
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Great concept with an amazing realisation! [even if there are things you want to change on it]
what did you draw with? seems like coal to me but i'm not shure..
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Thanks for the comment!
It's actually painted on a canvas almost completely covered with black ink and then I've painted it by scratching with a needle. A pretty stupid technique but for some reason I found it very pleasuring to make a painting by removing the ink instead of adding it:)
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It's beautiful. :heart:
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Amazing subject! And drawing is also very beautiful!
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theSuperficialx7 Photographer
It's beautiful. I really like it. I can feel the emotion in it.
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Fantastic concept.
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Thank you:)
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Cmac13 General Artist
it's wonderful having the artist explain the emotions they are trying to convey in their images. your mastery of your paint is splendid - great tonality creating an enviornment of depth, uncertainty, mystery and a certain chaos - and the subject matter is amazing -
realization of not being enough :wow:
although that reality may seem sad at first, the utter wisdom of it is stunning. how many times do we all try and try and try again to fit that square peg in that round hole. your work offers us a way out of the maddness an understanding that will bring peace rather than endless frustration
- very nice work.
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The meaning behind this piece is so emotionally deep and powerful. I don't like trying to connect to something that conveys such a feeling of underlying sadness, but I feel like I can connect with the futility expressed in this image. Phew. This is just beautiful.
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BAMillustrationProfessional General Artist
The red against the black and grays is really striking. It really caught my eye.
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eViL-DoLLHobbyist General Artist
I luv this piece cuz I get identified with it, its sad when I look at it and I remind the person that is just like my impossible match. Besides, its a great work, very deep and full of meaning.
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this is absolutely beautiful
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Simple amazing!
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I knew you would one day explain it perfectly. Nice work
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3r1k4Student Interface Designer
there are no words to describe how amazing this is....
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Så otroligt fin! älskar himlen!
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jorid Photographer
OOOH... i love it! It's so beautifull!! :) I think i'll fav it
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Thanks for the wonderful comment:)
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jorid Photographer
ur welcome :)
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xkittenProfessional Digital Artist
god i love the concept of this ^^ sad, abit morbid, but really xD is so great.
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