Super Hero Dress Up Project

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Super Hero Dress Up Project

Super Hero Dress Up Project by LineBirgitte

The project is made in flash and is a dress up game, but I need your help to make it awesome:

How to join?
1. Download the base and open up your prefered drawing program or print it out
2. draw your own superhero outfit
4. save the outfit as png with a transparent background (if you don't know how, ask me and I will explain it and/or help you)
3. upload the outfit to deviantArt (your scraps will be fine) and send me(LineBirgitte) a note with the link or links - let me know if the outfit is from a superhero that already exists or if you made it up.

Who can join?

What medias do you accept?
Any really - traditional drawing/painting, digital drawing/painting, pixelart - if you think you can make a superhero outfit as textart be my guest :eager:

Remember to keep the size - otherwise it won't fit when I upload it.

Have fun!


Thanks to Helewidis for the awesome idea and to rjonesdesign and pica-ae for testing :heart:

Pimping of this would be very appreciated! :flirty:
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I'm in and will pimp in journal within a minute :heart:

Hi darling :heart: Here is my superhero stuff for you
:heart: :heart: :heart:

Hair: [link]

Bodysuit: [link]

Glam lolitaish dress: [link]

Shoes: [link]

Hope you will like :heart:
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:D when is the deadline?
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There's no deadline but the faster the better ;)
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Hi :)
is there a deadline?
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No deadline for now :D But the faster the better :eyes:
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Interesting! I even might if I feel inspired sometime soon!
(Yes, I'm one of thjose bad artists that needs inspiration to get anything done at all XD)
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textart?! :o ... i wanna see that one ;)

anyway :superman: "up, up and away..........."
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sounds interesting :eager:
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pimped in my Journal :#1:
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