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Sculpting tut part 2 1 of 2. reupload


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:Poisson Pourri:

Asher-bee "Ultimate Fighter"

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Kuneria - second place fighter

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Exploring Color In Vector: I

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WIP Halloween Preview 1

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CSS and journal designs

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Sculpting tut part 2 1 of 2. reupload


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Bloody Martini

Amazing Vexels and Vectors

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WIP Halloween Preview 1

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Fear of the dark

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Rikke against the sun


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Stock: Zombie Hunter 2

Headphones are stylish - stock

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Unsigned Rock TV Episode 5

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Vintage Lady Esther Ralston


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Mateu7's Ink Brushes

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Artemisa-69 Support Stamp


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Hyperballad for brgtt

mixed geniality

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Quirky Horoscope Contest Winners

Before I go on to announce the winners, I want to thank Astralseed (, Hardrockangel (, alexandrasalas ( and Aeirmid ( for being the most efficient judges ever :la: The winners for this contest are divided into categories: most creative over all, funniest, best design and best written horoscope.  Each winner will receive: a dA sticker pack, a choice of Fella or Llama plush and 3 month premium membership. And without further adieu :la: Most creative: Quirky Scorpio Horoscope by solar-sea ( :thumb321882000: Funniest: Virgo Horoscope by LineBirgitte ( :thumb322012975: Best Design: Scorpio by Si3art ( :thumb321803385:

tutorials and resources

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer


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I'll never be alone...

Obsession Affection Contest Entries

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Skyscraper Project -  REOPENED

awesome projects

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Gallery CSS?

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Black Glassy Set

Costumisation MAC

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Medusa Complex

Gallery CSS for LaVeau-Ink

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Gallery CSS for ChewedKandi

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secret vexies place holder

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Matching Outfits Contest - Winners announced!

Winners Announced! Winner Announcement Journal! :thumb379611541: Edit 4: Contest is officially CLOSED coz it's already 2 days past my 3rd extension. To all who showed me their works-in-progress and requested for the extension but didn't get to finish, I've already given you enough time so I'm sorry! If you get to finish them later, though, upload them and maybe I can give you something in return for your effort (?) Announcement of Winners will be on June 18 (Tuesday). Thanks everyone and good luck to all who joined! Edit 3: New deadline AGAIN!!! ...for all you who requested :noes: June 8 (Saturday), that's it. The contest has been going

Contests and projects

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V-Treats Challenge no2 example


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Quirky Horoscope Contest - Now Judging

This contest is now closed for submissions.  I'll be cleaning out the category today and contacting my judges to figure out the winners =)  Until then,  you can browse the entries here (setting it to newest instead of popular works best =)) :bulletgreen:Theme:bulletgreen: The Western Horoscope is comprised of 12 signs.  In this contest, using any visual media, you have to draw a representation of at least one of the Western Zodiac signs and create a daily horoscope for that sign set for the date of August 7th. :bulletwhite:The Zodiac Signs :bulletwhite: An example of daily horo


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