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Soft Triangles

Press download to get the type.

Use shift to change between the different triangles, that means you should write like this:

HeY tHiS lOoKs ToTalLy SiLly

Same goes for the numbers (at least on mac) except for 4, to get the reversed 4 you need to use alt.

This is my first font and I have bitched and moaned about it :shakefist: but it was also kinda fun :B

If you download please +fave as well :please:

And if you use somewhere credit me and leave a link here so I can have a look - I want to see what you come up with! :woohoo:
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thanks for sharing <33 
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kamikazekayti's avatar
Wow! Very unique and awesome!! I love these!
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Uzi-Muzi's avatar
I think it rocks. Maybe not very legible, but who cares :D Could be very good for designing, like t-shirt stuff :D
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
Oh that's an interesting font :sherlock:
A bit confusing when looking at it the first time :D
ZeeDiKay's avatar
Oooh, this is nice. I think I will favorite this just in case I decide to use it.
Asher-Bee's avatar
line's being a freak again.... doing something way awesome so we love her more :love:
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wow, this is a really awesome font *gets an idea on how to use it* :iconthumbsupplz::iconimthinkingplz:
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It looks very good! Maybe a little difficult to read, but, hey, it's not for writing a book, right?
It seems like you have some great ideas, you should do more fonts! :boogie:
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yeah - it's not supposed to be used for blocks of text ;)

more fonts? :faint:
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LineBirgitte's avatar
then you better throw some ideas at me - I'm spent! :flirty:
artemisa-69's avatar
Oohhhhhhhhh... Sorry... This time in my life I can't even think of ideas for my own stuff, I don't think I can help you... :no:
But I'll support you :flirty:
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:eyes: welcome dear :huggle:
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