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Bedtime Mischief
Bedtime Mischief
The setting sun set the family sleeping quarters awash with golden light as the last vestiges of the sun's rays gave way to dusk. Link admired the beautiful moment of it through one of the windows. Such moments were precious and never taken for granted. It still amazed him how each sunset was never a twin of the prior sunset, with so many shades of pink, purple, red, and blue.
"Dad! I promise to be up on time to help you attend to Epona if you tell me one more story. Please, pretty please!"
His son's eager voice broke the brief serenity, wheedling and the slightest bit manipulative. Still, he loved to look at the son Malon bore so many years ago, at one time a docile baby. Now he was bouncing up and down in bed, his golden locks swaying with every bounce.
"No. It's already late, and you need your rest. Go to sleep." He yawned and stretched, worn out from attending to ranch duties. It wasn't easy keeping cows, chickens, and horses happy on a daily basis, not to forget,
:iconlindsl:Lindsl 1 0
Growing From a Boy into a Man
Growing From a Boy into a Man
No one ever expects kids to wander the countryside, fighting monsters and clearing out dank, smelly dungeons, yet somehow … I'm different? Does being abandoned by your mother to a talking aged tree to live with eternally ageless children make you special? Destined to become something legendary?
I missed out on an ordinary life, growing up in a village with other children, experiencing the growing up process the Deku Tree didn't tell me of. All I knew was they remained the same stature while I grew and needed to learn to mend my clothes. I learned that strange things happened as my body contorted, stretched, and ached, with no one to tell me it was normal, for a Hylian.
And as I branched out in my travels across the vast territory of Hyrule, things such as engagement and marriage, pets, and societal pressures were foreign, things to be learned by correction and watching others for cues.
Dungeons were a scary thing to traverse, but not all bad. Ganondor
:iconlindsl:Lindsl 1 0
The Fine Art of Sneaking Around
The Fine Art of Sneaking Around
Somehow, I felt less like a hero and more like a common thief as I crouched on pristine white stone, staying out of sight of the guards protecting the front entrance of Hyrule Castle.
Clearly, that was not the way to see Princess Zelda, but a one way ticket to the dungeons. So, I had to find a way to get past them, without getting caught…again. The only good thing about a guard finding me on the way here was being kicked out to the town entrance. They must deal with children my age sneaking in quite often.
However, I was a man—er, hero—on a mission. If I could not meet with the royal princess and find out what the Deku Tree had gotten me into, it most likely wouldn't be good. So, I scanned my surroundings. Gates, check. Guards, check. Moat, check.  
Wait, a moat! I could use that! No one checked moats, last I knew.  So, I slipped in as quietly as I could into the shallow water, which was surprisingly cold. Suppressing a
:iconlindsl:Lindsl 2 6
an exercise in watercolour by Lindsl an exercise in watercolour :iconlindsl:Lindsl 0 0 My take on the Hyrulian shield by Lindsl My take on the Hyrulian shield :iconlindsl:Lindsl 3 0 Oceanic hide and seek 2.0 by Lindsl Oceanic hide and seek 2.0 :iconlindsl:Lindsl 1 2 Oceanic hide and seek by Lindsl Oceanic hide and seek :iconlindsl:Lindsl 1 0 Introducing myself by Lindsl Introducing myself :iconlindsl:Lindsl 0 0 A study of the night sky by Lindsl A study of the night sky :iconlindsl:Lindsl 0 0

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Hello. As my I.D. says, my name is Lindsay, a born and bred northern Californian. My travels have been as near as San Francisco and far away as China (just for 2 weeks), though the farthest I tend to travel lately is my local park.

Creativity has been hard to come by for most of this year as I worked my way through Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and A Link to the Past. Awesome as they are (not to mention, inspirational), there was little to no art work being done. As a result, several more folders were added to my favorites.

Oh, obsessions, why must you take over so?

Anyway, back to the topic. Now that my time has been recovered, so many ideas have been rolling through my head. As a bonus, I actually have seen two movies that inspired me to be better, and I normally don't watch a lot of movies. The Artist, a modern day silent film, and Hugo, with huge nods to the early films, are fantastic! They are also clean, no bad language, for those of you concerned for kids, but...huge minefields of ideas.

Anyway, time to wrap this up. Thanks for reading into a slice of my personal life. Maybe you found it interesting, maybe you didn't. Have a wonderful day!

So, thanks for stopping by!

Favourite genre of music: right now? game remixes
Favourite style of art: most anything
Favourite cartoon character: too many to count


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