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Wugu Final 3 - Sitter

Hey everyone, I finally finished my Wugu 5 skeletons, 5 muscles, and 5 flesh study project and here is number 3 of the 5. Each day this week there will be a new one to share, so look forward to a new one on Thursday and Friday along with Tuesday's and Monday's Wugu. It's Wugu week!

This one turned out pretty good, even though I struggled with it way more than every other Wugu. This is the position you'll usually see a Wugu in, just sitting there like some fat ass.

Anyways, more to come tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy and thank you all for looking!

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oh, shhh..... it's a painting?! i was sure it's a doll!
Looks gorgeous! i love all the dedication you added, it looks soo real...
LindseyWArt's avatar
Thanks Monecule! It took a bit of time but the results do pay off. :nod:
Monecule's avatar
it really did! i've never seen anything like that!
it's also an interesting "drawing story" there) art isn't always the final result, but the process as well.
LindseyWArt's avatar
Oh I wish it was just about the result, it would save me so much time and headache, but the process is where all the learning happens. :nod:
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After looking at the skeletals a bit more, I think I know what this thing is. The Wugu is a highly derived mammal, with down-like fur and extreme convergent evolution.

Of course, it is your creature, so you can make it whatever you wish.
LindseyWArt's avatar
Hard to say, I haven't quite figured it out myself. It's just one of those creatures that make absolute no sense.
Moreuse's avatar
fudged up creature.
DomingoTheCat's avatar
The second I saw this I was like "OH MY GOD THAT LOOKS AMAZING O.O"
LindseyWArt's avatar
Ha, thank you so much! :D
DomingoTheCat's avatar
It really does! And your welcome! :happybounce:
Bizarre and brilliant creature!
LindseyWArt's avatar
Thanks! It means a lot! :)
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Good god this is amazing.
LindseyWArt's avatar
Thank you Zefire01! :)
Zefire01's avatar
It's my pleasure! Your works are really incredible. :)
Denial-of-a-Failure's avatar
This is absolutely amazing. It looks so real, like I could just go outside and pick one up. lol.
LindseyWArt's avatar
Ha ha, I wish. The Wugu would be my ideal pet next to dogs. :lol:
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Thanks TimberClipse! It means a lot! :nod:
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Wugu Wonderful :w00t: !!
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Ha ha, thanks josh! :)
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