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Tyrannosaurus Rex 2019

Happy Dinocember and Merry Rex-mas to all! This was a super fun experiment incorporating Zbrush into my painting workflow. I posted work in progress pictures on my other social media platforms if you all are interested! I hope you all like it!


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Wow, how did you get to the cretaceous and how'd you take this picture?
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Different universe that has even more advanced technology, So this would mean that OP is an inter-dimensional artist alien
Lohakim's avatar

Yeah, I'm pretty sure

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This is so perfect!!!
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My pleasure c: 
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Why the sad eyes? :O
LindseyWArt's avatar

I don't see sad eyes. :C

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Hmm, maybe i just see the scales as eyebrows, they downright and my mind went, sad baby!
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Oh jesus that looks absolutely amazing!!
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It's so life like it scared me when it popped up.
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Wow, that's a huge compliment. I sorry you got scared but a reaction like that is just awesome.

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Very nicely done! Really dig the 3D feeling!
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Ah, the RJ slayer!

But for real this is AMAZING work. Love the detail, what a pleasant fella this rex is.
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