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Study: Poison Dart Frog

By LindseyWArt
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And another photo/animal study. Still trying to understand color, but it's kind of easy when you have the color picker at your command. Next I think I'll start painting from life so I can really focus on the colors.

Oh, I promise I'll do something original eventually, but I love drawing animals. It brings me back to my childhood where animals were my speciality, ha ha. :P

Reference: [link]

| Photoshop CS4 | Artwork © to me, Lindsey W. (~SephirothsHeart)|

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Incredibly elegant. Very tactile, and great colors! Bravo!
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good god. you make me a little bit sick with envy. your stuff is SO good. like ridiculously good.

if i could invent some sort of machine that steals peoples talent, you'd be in big trouble my love.

like, really good.

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Ha ha thank you very much! If you use it on me then let me use it after you, I'd love to steal the talent off of so many other artists. :lol:
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not a chance in hell, you don't need it!
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I will if you take it all from me! D:
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good point...

okay we can share. but i got dibs on jamie hewlett!
that is amazing... i breed these frogs and this is just jaw dropping. was this done with a tablet or...
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Hey thank you so much, poison dart frogs are such beautiful frogs, it's cool that you breed them. To answer your question, yes I use a wacom tablet along with Photoshop CS4 to draw digitally. :)
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Gorgeous saturated colors, even on the back legs; it seems a lot of people just make them black :)
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This guy is super cool
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you've been featured in my deviation's description, here: [link]

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Thank you so much, it's such an honor. :D
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This is gorgeous.
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that is wonderful work! i love it.
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Nice Azureus, super realistic.
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I love how it looks like a canvas painting- you really did a phenomenal job on this study- in fact, I like this better than the reference :D
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ahhh wow!!!!! the texturing and color use is wonderful!
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This is really fantastic
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