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Pokemon: Pikachu


Hey everyone! Like you all guessed from my journal, it's Pikachu!

Pikachu has been painted a million times, and I wanted to go for something cute, fluffy, and different  than your typical rodent. He is a Pokemon after all, and a little artistic license never hurt. Also, for some strange reason I really wanted him eating a scallion, so for those who like to read into things, just accept the fact that I put it there for no reason what so ever. Well, I lie, I just didn't want him eating an apple, nut, or any kind of Poke food.

Anyways, I think I am going to take a break from Pokemon for a bit to work on my own personal art, which I have been neglecting in order to please all of my fans. I am not calling it quits entirely, but I am just putting it on hiatus until I really want to paint Pokemon again.

I hope you all enjoy and thank you all for looking!

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KittyBallerinaJulz's avatar

he looks like my hamster xD

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it's cheeks look about as beautiful as the hairy ass of a baboon. I love it :)

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i have never been so horrified and enthralled by a picture. Love it!

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my dog barked at this. Considering that it is 2 in the morning my neighbors are probably not happy.

Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
They are particularly fond of munching on coffee beans.
Flowercakeyt's avatar
If this Pikachu would exist I would be the first to catch it DEFINETLY (MORE IN LOVE)
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Hey, a realistic Pikachu that not only looks like Pikachu, but also an actual rodent! Love it :D
Krinmu's avatar
How to make your own Pikachu:
get a chinchilla and paint it yellow.
MakiMoonstone2706's avatar
I don't even like Pokemon, but this fanart is simply too adorable to ignore. 
Ori-gina-lart's avatar
i love it....he's very... ähm... fluffy haha
ScissorStorm's avatar
Yeah this is stunning... masterful painting.  Is it digital?
ddmlpfan's avatar
this is what pikachu would look like in real life i bet. And i don't like this art....I LOVE ITChristmas- Dedenne Pokemon: Dedenne Running Icon #702 Dedenne 
ArtSkepticBot015's avatar
Good to see Pikachu finally cutting back on the Ketchup, even when the damage is done. :laughing:
mashabelyankina's avatar
that looks like a photo, seriously
which makes it even more awesome
LindseyWArt's avatar
Thank you! That means a lot! :D
wolfmarian's avatar
SOOOO KYOOOOT!!! It reminds me of my hamster! very detailed brush strokes here!
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Thanks wolfmarian!
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