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Digimon: Weregarurumon vs Megaseadramon

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Hey everyone! I have yet another artwork to share with you this week, and guess what? It's Digimon!

It took me a while to finish this one up because I got bored, I repainted it many times, and who knows what else. What I do know though is that I am happy it is finally completed. Honestly, I think I am going to take a break from Gabumon's Digivolutions and focus on painting other Digimon and creatures of mine. Not that I don't want to paint Metalgarurumon, but I just don't want to paint him now.

So to describe this piece a little bit, I played with colors a bit more instead of the typical white background I have been using. I also wanted to pose Weregarurumon like the generic wolf man he is, ha ha.

Weregarurumon is pinning Megaseadramon's head to the ground in a unreal show of strength, trying to force Megaseadramon into submission. Of course Megaseadramon is no pansy, so he is coiling around trying to break free from Weregarurumon's foot. Megaseadramon might possibly try and bite off Weregarurumon's foot in the next second or so.

Feel free to share whatever feedback you all might have! I may or may not fix it though, because I am pretty done with this piece.

That is it for now, thank you all for looking and I hope you all enjoy!

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Wow! This is soooo great! O_O
I would love to see Beelzemon and Angemon in realistic. O___O
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After closer inspection of the furfins I am starting to suspect that they could be feathers. My imagination is telling me so, and that there exists a branch digivolution of a mega feathered Garurumom. Like a Beelzemon.
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SpinosaurusDinosaurHobbyist Digital Artist
Wonder what mwtalseadramon would look like with his cannon nose.
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QueenDracoDragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
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sushi-just-askHobbyist General Artist
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LindseyWArtProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks InterJim! 
InterJim1985's avatar
You're welcome!
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XeketDarkhandHobbyist General Artist
Can't wait to see the final battle between Metalgarurumon and Metalseadramon XD
Marril96's avatar
Marril96Hobbyist General Artist
So awesome and badass! I'm in love!
grisador's avatar
WereWolves/WereCanines Rule Dragons/Drakes Droll !   Extreme OMG 

The Dragon seems to have 'Hair'.... Hairy Dragons... Are double Odd and double Awesome ! :D
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LindseyWArtProfessional Digital Artist
Oh yeah! I still need to paint those two. Ha ha.
W17's avatar
Awesome ^_^
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wowwwww I cant believe your work! i always try to imagine how digimon looks like in real life!!! you really do an amazing work .. i would love to see patamon and angemon :3 IM YOUR FAN
LindseyWArt's avatar
LindseyWArtProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks alecohp! I appreciate it! :D
nik91's avatar
any chance of doing another with Metal Garurumon!? To finish off the evolution
LindseyWArt's avatar
LindseyWArtProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah I need too and I will, I just need to get sketching. :)
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Cool!Like this bro!
don't u liike omegamon bruh?
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Fans of Digimon can how bad ash this is...but I have a feel "Wolf man vs. Lock Ness monster" Syfy movie pitch..or a bad ash redesign of the Lykans from the Underworld movies xD
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It's really clever that you showed the battle all throughout their digivolution :)
LindseyWArt's avatar
LindseyWArtProfessional Digital Artist
I thought it would be pretty fun, thanks a lot e-pona!
e-pona's avatar
It shows :D  You're very welcome!
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KeIIionHobbyist Writer
wow such a brilliant idea , such a wonderful fight such a excellent style !
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