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Digimon: Seadramon

Hey everyone, It's Seadramon from Digimon! I went for a looser style than I usually do. What do you all think? :)

Please consider supporting me on Patreon! There you can see work-in-progress, video tutorials, high-res artwork, Photoshop files, and MORE!!! :O

Thank you all for looking and your support. You guys are the best. 

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XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar

both original and fanmade designs are gorgeous. that's what i like about digimon; they look good in both versions. unlike those obnoxious pokemon designs,

warlover12's avatar

Imagine a National Geographic channel but for digimon/pokemon and with THESE graphics. I would be moist

LindseyWArt's avatar

I'd be so happy.

draenei-friend's avatar

Awesome! I <3 Seadramon!

MDCCLXXVI's avatar

Ah, I remember the art you did of Garurumon fighting Seadramon years ago. That was a badass piece, although this is a pretty good rendition too. Seadramon is a cool Digimon and it's nice to see it Lindsey.

LindseyWArt's avatar

Yes! That piece is still one of my old favorites too. Glad you like this one too, it's not as detailed, but I still like how it turned out.

biohazzart's avatar

Never seen digimon, but your art is really cool

Evodolka's avatar

amazing depictions of 1 of my favorite Digimon :D

LindseyWArt's avatar

Seadramon is one of my favorites too. It's so simple yet perfect.

Evodolka's avatar

best description right there :D

WatcherMagic's avatar

WOW! He's gorgeous!! Seadramon and his whole line are hands down my favorite digimon :D

LindseyWArt's avatar

I agree, Seadramon is just soo cool.

KarmasReaper's avatar

Seadramon has been a favourite of mine since the first Digimon World!

LindseyWArt's avatar

Awesome! I know I tried playing Digimon World as a kid, but couldn't figure out how to play it. I always wanted Seadramon.

KarmasReaper's avatar

Oh no! That's a shame. It's actually one of my favourite games. It's closer to the vpet/tamagotchi than it is an RPG.

AluminumFox's avatar

fishy dragon pog

NODOGAN's avatar

Marvelous recreation! always loved that lil bugger whenever the anime gave it a chance in an episode XD

LindseyWArt's avatar

Yes! Seadramon redeemed itself in season 2! :D

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